SanDisk’s Ultra Fit 256GB Flash Drive is Tiny

SanDisk has just unveiled a new flash drive that crams a huge amount of storage space into a tiny flash drive called the Ultra Fit. The drive has 256GB of storage in a flash drive that is small enough to be plugged in and just left there all the time. The drive isn’t much larger than a wireless dongle for a keyboard or mouse.

The device offers USB 3.1 performance allowing you to transfer a full-length movie it in less than 30 seconds. The SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive also has SecureAccess software installed that allows you to create private folders on the drive encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption software.

SanDisk also packages the tiny flash drive with RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software via a download offer. The software makes it easy to recover any files that were accidentally deleted. That means no more lost pictures of your kids.

The drive is offered in multiple capacities with 256GB being the largest. If you need less storage you can also get it in 128GB, 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB capacities. Read speed is rated for 130MB/s. The drives aren’t in stock for purchase just yet and range in price from $21.99 for the 16GB flavor up to $149.99 for the 256GB version.