Rosewill Tachyon 650W Power Supply Review

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Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)

Even though the Tachyon 650W power supply is 80Plus Platinum certified, our test sample barely managed to reach the minimum figures required by it and only while the power supply was being powered by an 110VAC source. The efficiency is very high by all means, staying over 89% under any circumstances, yet nothing special for an 80Plus Platinum power supply.

The operating temperatures of the Tachyon 650W power supply are very low, with the power supply barely reaching a delta of 6.5°C under maximum load. This is due to the high efficiency and, as seen in the following paragraph, the aggressive cooling profile of the power supply.

Acoustically, the Tachyon 650W power supply performs mediocrely, mostly because of the aggressive cooling profile which the thermal controller is programmed to follow. The power supply is silent at low loads but every load increase while the unit operates above 40% capacity will cause a disproportionate increase in fan speed, making the fan’s noise audible at 50% load and loud at 70% load. 

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