Rosewill Super Slim 2.4GHz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard Review

Today we are looking at a wireless keyboard with a built in touchpad from the likes of Rosewill. The RK-V1TP Super Slim wireless touchpad keyboard is designed specifically for HTPCs because who wouldn’t want to have a keyboard and mouse on one piece to control your HTPC from your couch? Read on to see if this multipurpose keyboard priced at just $59.99 + Shipping is the perfect fit for your HTPC!

Rosewill Super Slim 2.4GHz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

It seems like everyone is adding a HTPC to their media center. When you have a PC in your living room, you need a way to control it from your couch. Rosewill has released the RK-V1TP Super Slim Wireless-Touchpad Keyboard to address just this niche for only $59.99 plus shipping. The keyboard uses a 2.4-GHz wireless dongle that plugs into your USB port to provide a range of “up to 20 meters.” The 2.4-GHz wireless provides a connection that is not required to be line of sight and is necessary for many HTPC installations. This new offering from Rosewill competes with other wireless 2.4 GHz keyboards from Adesso, SolidTek, and others as well as with more expensive Bluetooth options like the Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard/trackpad combo.


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