God of War III

We wrap up our coverage of the 2009 E3 Expo with a look at some of the titles for your console and PC that we think will be the "sleepers" of 2009/2010.  Most of these products will not be available until later this year or early 2010, but many of the developers and designers were willing to let us take some pictures and film their product to bring it to you, our faithful readers!

E3 2009 God of War III

Sony was showing off the very popular "hack-and-slash" God of War III.  This will be the final installment of the multi-million unit-selling trilogy and has a March 2010 launch date. Even though the game isn't due until next spring, it looked and played very well and smoothly as the PS3 once again showed off its incredible graphics.  To us, the game looked ready to ship.  This had to be one of the longest lines at E3 as people wanted to test this game out for themselves.

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Take a look at some real-time video of God of War III.

The Conduit

So you think the Wii is too Wiimpy for your hard-core gaming skills?  Too much Mario and not enough blood?  Well, "The Conduit" will change your attitude about Nintendo's flagship.  Developed by High Voltage Software exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, we predict this will be the best looking first-person shooter for the Wii platform.  It will feature single and multiplayer modes where up to 16 players can simultaneously compete against each other online.

The Conduit - Nintendo Wii

When we first saw this game, we thought it was running on a PS3 or Xbox.  The developers did an incredible job with the look and feel of this and like we said before - we really think this will change the way "hard-core" gamers look at the Wii platform. Not bad for a $46.99 Nintendo Wii game title!

Take a look at some footage from the floor:

Aliens vs. Predator

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We were editing our E3 video and "found" this gem.  it's the new Alien versus Predator from Rebellion/Sega.  We had already been asked not to take pictures...luckily the camera didn't respond all that quickly.  When the original version of this game came out for the PC around 10 years ago, it was one of our favorites. We think this new title will definately breath new life into the first-person-shooter genre.  

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This only shows a taste of the gameplay that was shown at E3.  the visuals on this game are absolutely stunning and will rock your PC and PS3 when it's released in 2010. You'd better choose now: Alien, Marine, or Predator!

Split Second

Now for one of the sleepers of the 2009 E3 Expo and it comes to you from Disney.  What?!?!?  Yeah, I said it...Disney!

E3 2009 Disney Split Second

From the makers of "Pure", we took a test drive with Sean from Disney Interactive as he drives us through a Beta version of "Split Second".  Take a look.  We promise you, this doesn't look like your typical Disney title!

Crysis Warhead on 3 Screens at D-Box

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While we were at the D-Box E3 booth, we snuck a peek at what looked to be a beta version of Crysis Warhead.  It was being run on 3 screens thanks to the Matrox Tripplehead to go.

Pretty bad-ass!

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Evil Controllers & Forza Motorsport 3

The Vice President of Evil Controllers takes some time out to talk to us about their newest console gaming controller. This rapid-fire controller is designed primarily for consoles, but should work with many PC-based games.

We then took a look at Forza Motorsport 3. Microsoft had plenty of booths and demos set up around E3 and from this video, you can really see what a great looking simulation this is going to be. We will see this game go Gold in October of 2009.

Left 4 Dead 2 & The Ghostbusters

At E3 2009 Valve confirmed Left 4 Dead 2 is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 and PC, when it's released on November 17, 2009. We got a chance to check out some real game-play video. Check it out:

Next, we take a look at Ghostbusters The Video Game coming to a PC and every next-gen console in early 2010. We had the chance to talk to the developers about this game and as you watch the video below, check out the physics being used in the environment. The game also uses all of the original actors for voice talent and facial reproduction.

Well, that wraps up our 2009 E3 Expo coverage live from the Los Angeles Convention Center.  We thought this year's E3 was 100-times better than last year as the new hardware for both consoles and the PC were out in force trying to get the attention of gamers worldwide. 

Thanks again for hanging with us as we bring you what we thought were the highlights of E3.