The OCZ Revolution: Phase Change Cooling

For years now OCZ has been targeting products with one of a kind niche products aimed at overclockers.  It all started out with enthusiast memory which eventually churned out the OCZ Voltage Booster and then high voltage memory that required active cooling.  It seems that OCZ Technology likes to stay in this market and have put together a single phase change cooling system with the hopes of getting it into the consumers hands for $350 at launch then lowering to the low $200 price range if sales pick up.

OCZ Cryo-Z Phase Change Cooler

What makes the Cryo-Z different from the other phase change coolers on the market is it's economical price point.  With most entery level water cooling kits going for $200 this phase change cooler should blow them away in terms of raw cooling power if OCZ is able to get prices in the $200 range like their marketing team hopes. It should be pointed out that OCZ did have to "reduce" some features on the phase change cooler to keep the prices down. One is example of this is that the model is a sealed unit.  This means that end users can not buy the Cryo-Z and change the coolant right out of the box.  

OCZ Cryo-Z Phase Change Cooler

Although the OCZ Cryo-Z uses a compressor that has a label that says R134a that is not the case.  OCZ didn't want to comment on exactly what coolant is used but did mention that they picked the best price versus performance coolant for what they wanted.  We spoke with Tony (Big Toe) from OCZ who has had one for a lenghty period of time and he was seeing -22C at idle on an AMD FX-57 overclocked to 3.3GHz and around -10C under load.  If these numbers are correct the Cryo-Z is inline with other more expensive phase change coolers on the market.  

The Cryo-Z Head and Cooling Fins

OCZ was smart and used a universal head design and claims that it is 100% compatible with all motherboards due to this design. The evaporator head is made of pure copper and seems to be of good quality and feel.

The OCZ Cryo-Z Head

The fins on the radiator are also compact and look well made.

The OCZ Cryo-Z Fins

Last but not least I'll leave you with a picture of the system getting ready to be installed.

The Massive Cryo-Z

Time to get back to the show!