Exclusive Sneak Peak Into Blizzcon

For the uninitiated, Blizzcon is the first-annual celabration of all things created by Blizzard Entertainment. Such well-known and beloved titles as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo carry the Blizzard moniker and many gamers share a deep passion from the enjoyment these games produced. With the wild success of the most recent World of Warcraft, garnering more than 4 million monthly subscribers world-wide, the show is already poised to be a huge success.

Before Blizzcon has even started we bring you coverage from the day before to let you see the inner workings and give you a sneak peak for what you will see tomorrow.

Blizzcon 2005 in Anaheim California

Walking to the convention center from our hotel just a block away was a refreshing walk along open streets that were lined with plam trees. No crazy banners or gamers were seen camping out like we almost expected for an event of this size.

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Attendees to Blizzcon are among the first to see live demo, as well as hands-on play, of the upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion and get exclusive sneak peeks of other Blizzard properties. In addition to this treat, enthusiants and gamers can experience cut-scenes and video from many previous titles.

Blizzard's Blizzcon Ghost Area

The Starcraft:Ghost dev team is still hard at work putting finishing touches on their highly-anticipated console title. Ghost is expected for Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube consoles. No word as yet if the title will be available for next generation systems, such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Blizzcon's Main Stage & More

The Main Stage:  

The main stage at Blizzcon is huge! By just looking at the number of seats they are going to be able to sit over a thousand people with standing room for thousands more if needed. This is by far the biggest main stage Legit Reviews has ever seen at a gaming conference and we have been to nearly all of them.

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nVidia and Intel Booths:

A number of companies are sponsoring BlizzCon and we got a chance to stop by and take a peak at the nVidia and Intel booth area. The sponsor floor space is much smaller than we have seen at other events (CPL, Cyber X Games, or Quakecon), but this means more space for those coming to BlizzCon to check out the Blizzard displays. The day before the show sponsors were hard at work getting their displays together to present their gear to the crowds tomorrow.

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The Intel Truck:

Intel is going to have Mad Mike Martin from MTV's Pimp My Ride on hand and while I don't think this truck has anything to do with the show it does look pretty pimp. Looks like Intel pulled out all the stops for this one creating custom graphics and images depicting World of Warcraft art for the event.

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The Way To BlizzCon:

BlizzCon informed us today that they are completely sold out of BlizzCon tickets, and due to capacity limitations, we will NOT be able to sell any tickets at the door. If you are lucky enough to have tickets then look for these signs tomorrow to make it to your final destination: Blizzcon 2005! 

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The "Special Gift":

For those who attend the 2005 BlizzCon event will find out that they get a special gift from Blizzard that gives them a Murloc pet and access to a beta site for a FUTURE Blizzard title. This last statement is interesting in that the World of Warcraft engine is already complete and new patches and content for WoW are tested for free with the existing player base. This code isn't specific to World of Warcraft, or Diablo, or Starcraft properties - leaving open the possibility of unannounced Blizzard games being part of this special demo.

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