Samsung Flip Covers For Galaxy S III and Note II

Samsung has sold millions of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III smartphones this holiday season, so many are looking for ways to keep their new smartphone protected. Samsung doesn't have a case per say, but they do have a unique protective flip cover that is available in an array of vibrant colors - Titanium Gray, Marble White, Light Blue, Pink, Mint, Lime Green, and Orange. This means that you can not only help protect the Galaxy S III and Note II, but add a splash of color to personalize your phone while you are at it! The Samsung Protective Flip Covers are priced the same for each smartphone and run $39.99 each, $49.99 for two colors and $99.99 for four colors. The best bang for your buck is obviously the two colors for $49.99.

Samsung Flip Cover Cases

We were sent two Samsung Protective Flip Covers for the Note II and the Galaxy S III. For the Galaxy S III we received the Pink and Lime Green covers and for the Note II we got the Orange and Light Blue covers. The colors are pretty bold, but they grow on you after a bit and you do get comfortable with them.

Samsung Lime Green Flip Cover


The Samsung Protective Flip Cover isn't a traditional case that you might be used to using. The flip cover replaces your existing battery cover and has a front flap that covers the Super AMOLED touchscreen display of the Galaxy smartphone from fingerprints, scratches, and dirt. The front cover has a textured cloth feel and look, while the back has a high-gloss finish. The front and back of the cover has the Samsung logo embossed in sold lettering and the front of the case also has the model name on it with the same embossing.

Samsung Galaxy S III Green Flip Cover

With the cover flipped open, you can see how the back looks pretty much identical to your snap on battery cover and the flip cover terminates into the plastic back panel. The inside of the flip cover has a soft microfiber lining on it to prevent it from scratching the screen. Using a Samsung Flip Cover will add just 3mm to the thickness of your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III Flip Cover Installation

To install the the flip cover you just need to remove your old battery cover and snap on the new Samsung Flip Cover.  The entire process takes just a few seconds. As you can see all the ports and buttons are just like the original battery cover, so using a flip cover won't impact or change how you use your smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S III Flip Cover Glossy Back

With the Samsung Flip Cover installed on our Galaxy S III it became obvious that adding the flip cover does not protect the smartphone from drops or the abuses that a traditional cover would help protect. The back of the phone has no additional protection at all as you can see from the image above. The flip cover really just helps keep your display from being scratched and it allows you to change the colors of your phone. 


We had no problems using the camera and when taking a call we just had to flip open the cover to answer the phone. The Samsung Flip Cover is very thin, so it doesn't add that much thickness and can easily be folded over the back of the phone. 

Let's take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note II flip cover and wrap this review up!

Galaxy Note II Flip Cover and Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Note II Flip Cover has all the same features of the the Galaxy S III Flip Cover, with the addition of Near-Field Communication (NFC).


You might recall from our Galaxy Note II review that the Note II has its Near-Field Communication (NFC) hardware embedded into the handset's back cover. Many of the cheap flip covers don't have NFC support, but the official Samsung Flip Covers that were are looking at here today do have NFC support. Other than that and being form fitted to the Galaxy Note II, it is basically the same exact case.


Here is a look at the Samsung Flip Covers installed on both the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III. Orange and Lime Green baby!


Final Thoughts & Conclusions:

After you use the Samsung Flip Covers for several days you quickly used to them and flipping the cover open, so it wasn't annoying or a major nuisance. The best part about the Samsung Flip Covers is that you do not have to worry about scratches when you slip the phone into your pocket and it adds very little thickness to the phone. The worst part of the covers is that it does pretty much nothing in terms of drop protection. If you are looking to add some color to your phone and protect the screen then the Samsung Flip Cover should be right up your alley.

The fit and finish of the Samsung Flip Cover was excellent. The cover sits flat on the phone and does not prop or hang open at all. The back of the cover snapped onto the back of the phone exactly like the original battery cover did and the hinge looks like it will hold up with fairly heavy use. The Samsung logo is sunk down into the plastic on the back cover, so it won't rub off or wear off after many months of use. You can really tell that Samsung did their homework when designing this flip cover.

The Samsung Protective Flip Covers are priced the same for each smartphone and run $39.99 each, $49.99 for two colors and $99.99 for four colors. The best bang for your buck is obviously the two colors for $49.99. A quick look around online and we were able to find single cases for around $29.99 shipped.

Just be careful when buying smartphone accessories these days as counterfeit items are getting pretty bad. We've heard of many people getting counterfeit Samsung Flip Cases from Amazon and Ebay, so make sure you know what you are ordering. The real Samsung Flip covers are backed by a 90-day warranty period should anything go wrong.

Legit Bottom Line: The Samsung Flip Covers are great for protecting the screen from scratches and changing your phones color, but does little when it comes to drop protection.


UPDATE on 12/17/2012 - After just two weeks of use the seam of the flip cover is starting to fall apart. Doesn't look like these flip covers are that durable and for $30-$40 each, that is a major issue!