Fortnite players who had intended to do some early AM gaming today might not have been able to do that this morning. Fortnite servers went down this morning at about 4 am ET for the developers to apply a new patch to the game. The update brought Fortnite to V3.1.0. Epic announced the server downtime via twitter a few hours before the servers went down. The update will be released sometime later in the day on Thursday. Exactly when the update will release Epic Games would not say. Another mystery is exactly how long the servers might be down. Patch notes for the update should be available now, Epic said they would be offered when the update began to be applied to servers. If you were hoping that the update would have the jetpack in it, sadly it will not. Epic is delaying the jetpack launch, but the update will have a new weapon called the Hunting Rifle. This is a ranged weapon with no scope reports GameSpot.