Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF

Since 1999 Thermaltake has been bringing us enthusiast grade computer accessories, chassis, and cooling products. In 2010 they released the original Frio, which was widely accepted as a fantastic cooler. Today we’re taking a look at one of the successors, the Frio OCK (Over-Clocker King). Priced at $79.99 shipped at Newegg, this cooler definitely seems to be aimed at the higher end of the enthusiast market.

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

The Frio OCK is a dual tower style heatsink that features six 6mm heatpipes and comes equipped with two 130mm fans, which are controllable via Thermaltake’s attached VR fan controller. The included fans are capable of pushing 121 CFM at 48dBA, and they operate from 1,200 to 2,100 RPM. Unlike many other fans that are bundled with coolers on the market, the OCK’s fans are not PWM controlled. The fins on the Frio OCK are made of aluminum and are 0.4mm thick. The Frio OCK is compatible with Intel’s LGA 775/1156/1155/1366/2011 and AMD’s AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 sockets.

With a weight of 1093 grams it measures 143 x 137 x 158mm (LxWxH) with both fans attached. The Frio OCK isn’t exactly a small cooler. With this cooler being compatible with CPUs all the way up to 240 watts, it has to be fairly beefy. The Frio OCK takes a lot of its style and design from the popular PC game, StarCraft II. The top part of the fan shroud is designed to resemble a Terran Bunker from the game.

Thermaltake Frio OCK CLP0575 Features:
Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Dimensions
Thermaltake Frio OCK CLP0575 Specifications:
  • Fan size: Dual 130x130x25mm fans
  • Fan Speed: 1,200 – 2,100 RPM
  • Fan Noise: 21 – 48 dBA
  • Air Flow: 121 FCM @ 48 dBA
  • Connector: 3-Pin
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Unboxing the Thermaltake Frio OCK

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Box

    The front of the packaging shows us a graphic of the CPU cooler with a few of the features of the cooler. We can also see very clearly that it has support for the newest Intel LGA 2011 socket. As a side note, should you purchase this cooler and it does not come with the LGA 2011 mounting backplate you can simply visit the Thermaltake website and they will send you the backplate free of charge!

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Box Back

    The back of the box shows us a few different product shots, as well as the main features of the cooler. You can also see it shows the proper mounting orientation so that you are getting proper and sufficient cooling from the cooler.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Box Side

    Here we can see all the specifications of the cooler such as its weight, dimensions, mounting compatibility and more.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Unboxing

    Opening the box the first thing we see is a black box labeled “Accessory Package”. This is what contains all of our mounting hardware and the supplied thermal paste.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Unboxing

    Once the accessory package is removed you’re able to see the heatsink suspended in a Styrofoam package.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Packaging

    Pulling that packaging out this is what we found. This will definitely ensure the heatsink is safe in its journey to the consumer.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Packaging

    Here are the accessories that are included with the Thermaltake Frio OCK, as well as the Frio OCK itself. Make sure that you don’t lose the instructions, as they come in handy when installing the cooler.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Packaging

    The image above offers a better look at the mounting hardware for the TT Frio OCK. If you purchase this cooler with intentions of using it with Intel’s LGA 2011 socket, you may have to contact Thermaltake about the mounting hardware. They are offering a free Intel LGA 2011 Upgrade thanks to the FreeUP Program if your cooler doesn’t come with the mounting hardware needed.

    The Thermaltake Frio OCK Up Close

    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

    The fans on the Thermaltake Frio OCK are completely removable; here we can see the cooler without the fans attached. The cooler has 48 fins that are 0.4mm thick and spaced approximately 1mm apart. The denseness of the fins lets you know that you need a fan that can move some serious air to ensure you’re getting proper cooling.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Fans

    The fans are attached together almost like a shroud for the cooler. This makes removing them extremely easy. These fans are not lighted with LEDs or anything of the sort. With all the styling they put into the design of the Frio OCK, I was expecting LED fans.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Fans

    Here you can get a pretty good idea of the top of the Frio OCK. Thermaltake designed this with inspiration from what I believe is a Terran Bunker from the hit PC game 'Starcraft 2'.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Fan Controller

    As I mentioned before, the fans are controllable. Here is the fan controller that allows you to adjust them. If this fan controller is removed, the fans default to their slowest speed.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Base

    The Frio OCK has a flat base which is made of copper and plated with nickel. Notice that this isn’t an HDT or Heatpipe Direct Touch cooler. The base was extremely flat, but has a machined pattern to it.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Side

    From the side we are able to count that there are six copper, nickel plated heatpipes which measure 6mm each.

    TT Frio OCK HSF Installation

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Backplate

    The backplate that comes with this cooler is universal. It sits one way for an Intel mount and flips the opposite way for an AMD mount.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK Plastic Bolt

    Once you have the backplate on and you’re ready to proceed, you need to use the black plastic bolts to ensure the backplate stays firmly in place and isn’t going to move around any.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK LGA1155 Mount

    After you have the backplate secured to the motherboard, you want to screw the appropriate mounting plate down with the included thumbscrews. In my case, I used the Intel LGA 1155 mounting plates.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK LGA1155 Mount

    Next it’s as simple as installing your cooler to the mounting plates. The springs on the screws ensure you have the perfect amount of tension to secure a proper mount.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Installed

    And now, you’re done! One thing to note is that with this kit your cooler could very well be in contact with your RAM. As you can see, the cooler is pressing on my heatspreaders. The easiest solution for me was just to move my RAM over a slot and lose dual channel capability. Though if you’re using RAM without heat spreaders or low profile heat spreaders this wouldn’t be an issue. If you run into an issue, you could always remove the heat spreader, but that could void the warranty on your RAM.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Installed

    Here you can fully see just how large the cooler is. Its size is definitely going to have to be taken into consideration when you’re debating on this cooler.

    The Test System

    Today we’ll be comparing the Thermaltake Frio OCK against a few other coolers that we’ve previously tested.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK HSF Installed

    Here is a short list of the parts that make up the test system:

    Intel Test Platform
    Component Brand/Model Pricing
    Processor Intel Core i5-2500K Click Here
    Motherboard ASUS P8P67 Pro
    Click Here
    Memory Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Click Here
    Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 470
    Click Here
    Storage Drive Crucial C300 64GB SSD
    Click Here
    Power Supply BFG Technologies
    Click Here
    Chassis Cooler Master HAF 932
    Click Here
    Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) Click Here

    Test Specs:

    Thermaltake  Frio OCK CPU Cooler

    For monitoring all temperatures I am using Coretemp. For idle temperatures, the computer was left unused for 15 minutes at desktop allowing it to settle. For load temperatures, prime95 was used, and ran for 20 minutes using the default “blend” setting. The CPU was tested at stock speeds with turbo enabled. Our overclocked tests were run at 4.8 GHZ using 1.46v to maintain stability. All tests were done using Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal paste. Temperatures shown will be the average of all four cores.

    Temperature Testing

    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler Stock

    Here we can see that the Frio OCK was not only cooler on the high fan setting, but also on the low setting. I was expecting it to best the other two on high, but on low I wasn’t too sure what the outcome was going to be. Coming in at just 42 degrees Celsius on high and 45 degrees Celsius on low is very respectable and bested all of the other coolers it was compared against.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler Overclocked

    When the CPU was overclocked to 4.8 GHZ you can see that this is where the Thermaltake Frio OCK really shines. It was considerably cooler on both high and low fan settings than either of the other two tested coolers, keeping the CPU at 67 degrees Celsius on low and 64 degrees Celsius on high. On the high fan speed setting, I was thoroughly surprised by how well this cooler was performing. I also wasn't expecting anything close to the temperature results on low either! The Thermaltake Frio OCK performed much better than the other coolers that I have for comparison right now.

    Final Thoughts and Conclusions

    The time I’ve spent using the Thermaltake Frio OCK has yielded positive results. The Frio OCK was definitely able to handle the heat of a heavily overclocked Intel Core i5 2500k CPU with little to no trouble at all. The fans weren’t overly loud on any setting until they hit their maximum speed. Though, it’s to be expected that when you’re moving that much air you’re going to have some noise so that wasn’t a big issue.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

    Thermaltake has always made reliable products and this is no exception. The build quality of the Frio OCK is remarkable. No corners were cut and as a result the performance is amazing. Managing to keep the overclocked Core i5 CPU at a mere 64 degrees Celsius on high fan speed settings and 67 degrees Celsius on low fan speed settings, the Frio OCK definitely deserves to be considered when looking at the upper class of aftermarket CPU air coolers.

    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

    The size of the Frio OCK was a concern of mine, but after spending a few hours with it I realized that it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be managed. I was initially worried that it wasn’t going to fit with my RAM heat spreaders being so large, but I was able to move my RAM over a DIMM slot and that alleviated any troubles I was having. Though, if your RAM doesn’t feature large flashy heat spreaders then you shouldn’t run into the issue I ran into.

    With the Frio OCK priced at $79.99 shipped this cooler is definitely aimed more towards the upper level of enthusiast. Its performance is definitely beyond that of anything I’ve encountered in the lower or midrange segment of the market.

    GIGABYTE GA-X79-UD7 Legit Reviews Recommended Award

    Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Frio OCK is well designed and performs exceptionally well. It definitely manages to keep up with some of the best coolers on the market today.