Antec Eleven Hundred Gaming Chassis

Antec Eleven Hundred

Antec released the Performance One Series P280 earlier this month. With it came many updates that fixed many issues some users had with last couple of Antec cases. Today we get a look at the Eleven Hundred; it is the newest addition to the Gaming series. The Eleven Hundred is a Super Midtower, so it's slightly larger than a standard midtower but is not quite a full tower. It's meant to fill the gap between Antec's Twelve Hundred and Nine Hundred.

Antec kept the outward looks that made the Nine Hundred and Twelve Hundred extremely popular, but tweaked it slightly to update it. The Eleven Hundred and the P280 share the same base chassis, so it has gotten the same internal updates that the P280 received. The Eleven Hundred got the new motherboard tray backspace, but the right side panel has a bulge to give a little more. The space between the tray and the side panel is 30mm; in the area of the side panel bulge it is 36mm. Antec also added a spot for a 120mm fan on the right side panel to cool the back of the CPU socket.

Antec Eleven Hundred drive mount

The Eleven Hundred also got the same drive cage as the P280, but unlike the P280 the 3.5" drive bays are tool-less. Drive rails are used to mount the drives in place of the drive trays. This makes the drive install easy, but with the drive rail setup the bays are only 3.5". The Eleven Hundred has two dedicated 2.5" drive bays, and total of 6, 3.5" drive bays.

The Eleven Hundred comes with two fans; a single 120mm rear exhaust and top mounted 200mm fan with switchable blue LED lighting. There are spots to mount up to 7 additional 120mm fans: 2 in front of the drive cage, 2 to the inside of the drive cage, 2 on the left side panel, and 1 on the right side panel. The Eleven Hundred can also support video cards up to 13" long and motherboards up to XL-ATX.

Antec says the Eleven Hundred will carry an MSRP of $129.95 and have a 3 year warranty. Let's take a quick look at the features and specifications before we take a closer look at the Eleven Hundred.

Features of the Antec Eleven Hundred Gaming Chassis

Specifications of the Antec Eleven Hundred Gamin Chassis

  • Internal
  • Cooling
  • Maximum Graphics Card Size: 13” / 330 mm
  • Expansion Slots: 9
  • Front Panel: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio In/Out, Power/Reset buttons
  • Product Weight: 20.0 lbs / 9.0 kg
  • Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 20.7x9.3x21.5" (527x237x546mm)
  • Unboxing the Antec Eleven Hundred

    Antec Eleven Hundred box front

    The side of the box has an image of the front of the Eleven Hundred's front panel.

    Antec Eleven Hundred box top

    Top has a listing of all the specifications in multiple languages.

    Antec Eleven Hundred box left

    One side has a nice overall image of the left side of the case.

    Antec Eleven Hundred box right

    The other side of the box has another over all image of the Eleven Hundred, but the right side.

    Antec Eleven Hundred box back

    On the back of the box is a series of images showing features of the Eleven Hundred.

    Antec Eleven Hundred packing

    Inside the Eleven Hundred is wrapped in plastic and cradled in foam end caps. The side panel window also has a protective sheet on both inside and outside surfaces.

    Looking Closer at the Eleven Hundred

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    If you're familiar with the Antec's Gaming Series then you will see the Eleven Hundred's heritage right off. If not, the top and front bezel layout hints at the Three Hundred, the left side panel the Six Hundred. The front has all mesh bezel. The top 3 bays are for 5.25" devices, below that is a vent for the front intake fans. On the left panel the Eleven Hundred sports a side panel window with spots for two 120mm fans to be mounted.

    Antec Eleven Hundred lowe filter

    Down on the lower rear of the left side panel the Eleven Hundred has the new power supply vent filter that is removable from the side.

    Antec Eleven Hundred front panel

    The power and reset switches are on the top of the case. The front I/O ports are on the top front of the case. The Eleven Hundred's front I/O panel consists of HD Audio ports, two USB2, and two USB3 ports.

    Antec Eleven Hundred top vent

    On the top are the power and rest buttons at the front. At the back is the top 200mm exhaust fan. The vent only has the hole pattern for the 200mm fan, so swapping it out for two 120mm fans or a cooler like the Corsair H100 is not an option.

    Antec Eleven Hundred right panel

    On the right panel is a fan mount and vent for a single 120mm fan.

    Antec Eleven Hundred rear exhaust fan

    Round back the Eleven Hundred has a single 120mm rear exhaust fan, just above that are spots that could be used for fan speed controls on Antec’s multi speed fans. The fans that come with the Eleven Hundred are not multi speed. The only switch here is the LED on/off for the top 200mm fan.

    Antec Eleven Hundred expansion slots

    The Eleven Hundred sports 9 vented expansion slots, and also has two water cooling tube pass though holes. There is also a large vent that runs the entire height of the right side of the case. This is to the space behind the motherboard.

    Antec Eleven Hundred bottom

    Looking at the bottom of the case there are four case feet and the single vent for the power supply.

    Antec Eleven Hundred case feet

    Each of the case feet snaps into the case frame. They are a hard plastic and they look to be the same feet as on the P280 just minus the silicon pads.

    Moving Inside the Eleven Hundred

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Those familiar with the previous Gaming Series cases will notice the drive cages are not like they used to be. They now go left to right rather than front to back.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    There are 4 tool-less 5.25" bays, 2 dedicated 2.5" drive bays, and 6 slots for 3.5" hard drives.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    On the inside of side of the drive cage are two tool-less 120mm fan mounting spots.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    In the lower back is the power supply area. The vent screen is inside the case. Its guide rails are what the power supply rests on.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Above the power supply are the expansion slot covers. The covers are held in with thumbscrews.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    At the top rear are the 120mm rear exhaust and the top 200mm blue LED fan.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    A little different from Antec cases in the past, there is a power distribution block that powers all the fans from a single molex connector.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    The front panel wiring has a change or two as well. The Eleven Hundred has USB3 on the front panel. If your board doesn't have USB3, for an additional charge of $2.50 you can get a USB3 to USB2 converter cable. There is also only HD audio for the front panel audio connections. This could be an annoyance for someone moving an older system with AC97 audio to a new case.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Moving around to the right side, there are 4 grommeted wire routing holes down the side and bottom of the motherboard, and 2 open wire routing holes at the top. Antec also provided may places for wire ties to help keep things tidy. The CPU cut out in the motherboard tray is massive; there should be no issues getting to the back of CPU sockets.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    From the tray to the side panel is 1", absolutely cavern-like compared to past Antec cases. There is plenty of room for even the beefiest power supply's main 24pin cable. To give a little more room, the right side panel has a bulge that gives almost another .25" of space.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Pulling the front bezel off we can see the front 120mm fan mounts.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    The fan filter for the front 120mm case fans is located on the front panel, so you must remove the front panel to clean out the filter.

    Installing the System into the Eleven Hundred

    Antec Eleven Hundred parts

    The Eleven Hundred comes with all the parts that are needed to mount all your parts into the case.

    Antec Eleven Hundred hardware

    There is a nice selection of hardware. Left to right: Left side panel fan screws, motherboard mounting screws, 2.5” drive screws, power supply screws, right side panel fan screws, front intake fan screws.

    Antec Eleven Hundred tool-less rail

    The 3.5” hard drives have a tool-less rail system for mounting the drives in the drive cage. The rails have pins mounted in rubber isolators.

    Antec Eleven Hundred tool-less rail mounted

    The drive rail pins slip into the mounting holes on the drive. The rail is bowed slightly so it grips the drive. You can hold the drive up by the rail and it doesn’t fall off.

    Antec Eleven Hundred hard drive

    With the rails on the drive you can now mount it into the drive cage.

    Antec Eleven Hundred installed

    Overall the install process went quickly. My normal test system was occupied for another test so I used some older parts I had. Even with the non-modular power supply I’m happy how it worked out. I was able to mount the Corsair H100 radiator in the fan clips of the drive cage, and still had room for my EVGA GTX480. Mounting the radiator like this does block some of the wire management holes, but there is still enough room to run SATA cables though.

    Antec Eleven Hundred wires

    I stashed the extra power supply cables under the hard drive.

    Antec Eleven Hundred behind the motherboard tray

    There was plenty of room for running wires behind the motherboard tray, and the top wire cutouts made running cable up to the fan controller nice.

    Like with the P280 the front panel wires for power, reset and LED activity lights could stand to be a couple of inches longer. No matter how I routed the wires I could not get the HDD activity LED wire to the connections on the board. Not so much an issue for me, as I don't hook it up, but others do. So, if your motherboard front panel connections are low and to the rear like mine are on the Intel DX58SO motherboard you may have some issues.

    Antec Eleven Hundred powered up

    With the system powered up in the dark the top 200mm does throw off a fair amount of light. So it’s good that Antec included an on/off switch for it because sometimes you don’t want extra light in a room.

    Final Thoughts on the Eleven Hundred

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Antec set out to update the the Gaming series with changes that the users were calling for. From that goal the Eleven Hundred was born. The Eleven Hundred's style stays true to the heritage of the cases before it, but is updated with better wire management, updated layout, and room for the largest of video cards and CPU coolers out today. All built with the sturdiness and build quality that Antec cases are known to have.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    As much as I like the Eleven Hundred there are a couple of things that I really liked and a couple of things I didn't care for. I’ll start with the likes. I like the fact that the top LED fan has a switch to turn the lights on and off. That is always a major plus for me as my desk is in the same room where I sleep, and there are times I need the system crunching on something while I sleep but I really don’t want the extra light in the room. I really like the extra space from the new motherboard backspacing. It provides plenty of space for wire routing and hard drive connections.

    The added fan for the back of the CPU socket is nice as well. I would most likely set it up for exhaust rather than intake as there is no filter on the vent. I also like the new side accessible power supply vent filter. This will make accessing and cleaning the filter easy. The same for the front bezel filter. Some may not like it because the whole front panel needs to be pulled off to clean it, but that means I can take it outside and blow the dust off with compressed air.

    Since the P280 and the Eleven Hundred share the same base chassis design, it stands to reason they share the same cabling downsides. The front panel wires are just a hair short. All but the front panel audio cable could stand to be a couple of inches longer. This would make reaching motherboard connections that are low and to the rear easier and have a clean wire routing.

    Antec Eleven Hundred

    Only other complaint I have is with the drive mounts. With SSD becoming more popular, there will be users that will want more space for them. Going with the 3.5” only tool-less drive rail over the 2.5/3.5” drive tray that was used on the P280 seems like a loss of a nice feature.

    Antec says the new Eleven Hundred will carry an MSRP of $129.95. In the midtower size there are hundreds of cases that fall into the $100-200 range. There is only a handful with 8 expansion slots, and the Eleven Hundred has 9 and can even hold XL-ATX boards. So, the Eleven Hundred stands out. Cases close in feature and price are Antec’s own Nine Hundred V3, Corsair Carbide 500R, Corsair Graphite 600T, and Cooler Master Storm Sniper. It will be interesting to see how the gaming community takes to the new Eleven Hundred.


    Legit Reviews Recommended Award

    Legit Bottom Line: I really like the direction Antec is heading; they took customer feedback, went back to the drawing board and come back to the table with a nice case that will hold the largest of parts in a clean look true to the series heritage. If you’re in the market for new home for your LAN rig, give the Eleven Hundred a look. It may surprise you.