Rosewill B2 Spirit Full Tower Case

Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Overview Rosewill is not generally considered a top tier case manufacturer, for some people they just want a well built case with the features they want without paying a lot.  With the limited experience I have had with cases by Rosewill, overall I have been impressed by their build quality and features that they provide while keeping a reasonable price.  They are doing a good job at working towards making products that meet the needs of every type of computer enthusiast wants. Today, we will be taking a look at the Rosewill B2 Spirit, a full tower case that can be purchased at their main etailer, Newegg for $139.99 after a $30 rebate and free shipping.  This new full tower case boasts many features that those wanting a full tower demand.  For storage it will support up to 13 3.5" or 2.5" drives, and 4 5.25" devices.  It will support the largest standard size HPTX motherboards, which means the case itself is pretty large and there is plenty of space inside for components.  Cooling is provided by five included 140mm fans, two of which are blue LED fans; additional cooling options include liquid cooling radiator support in various locations and sizing options up to 360mm. [gallery ids="173243,173244"] The Rosewill B2 Spirit will most likely be commonly purchased online, so fancy packaging isn't necessary.  However, Rosewill provides a nice overview of the B2 Spirit on the front and back of the box.  Inside the heavy cardboard box, the case itself is packed in a plastic bag which is nestled between two foam blocks which are reinforced by cardboard. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Accessories Rosewill includes a basic accessory pack with the B2 Spirit that includes a well detailed user installation manual, various screws, motherboard stand-offs and six cable ties.  This is the basic accessory pack that is included with every case.  Being a full tower case, I expected there to be a few more cable ties, and maybe an extension cable for the 8-pin motherboard power connector. Rosewill B2 Spirit Case Features
Rosewill B2 Spirit Case Specifications
Type ATX Full Tower
Color Black
Case Material Steel
With Power Supply No
Motherboard Compatibility Micro ATX / ATX / E-ATX / XL-ATX / HPTX
Side Panel Window No
External 5.25" Drive Bays 4
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 13
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays 0
Expansion Slots 10
Front Ports 4x USB 3.0 / 2x USB 2.0 / Audio
Cooling Features Front:  2x 140mm (provided) Back:  1x 120mm or 1x 140mm (provided) Top:  3x 120mm or 3x 140mm (2 Blue LED provided) or 2x 200mm Bottom:  2x 120mm, or 1x 140mm
Dimensions 22.83" x 9.84" x 24.02" (H x W x D)
Weight 39.24lbs
Let's begin by taking a look at the exterior of the Rosewill B2 Spirit!

Rosewill B2 Spirit External Impressions

Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Overview The Rosewill B2 Spirit has a nice uniform finish to it, and is partially done with the "Soft Touch" paint, giving it a smooth, almost rubber feel to it.  Being a full tower, it is rather large, coming in at 22.83" x 9.84" x 24.02" (H x W x D).  The exterior view is very understated, with no flashy colors or odd angles to make it stand out. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Front-Panel Starting at the front panel, we can immediately see there are four solid 5.25" drive bay covers which will be removed from the inside before installing any 5.25" devices.  Below the 5.25" bays is a solid panel that swings open for access to the front intake fans.  Without any mesh or venting, the front intake fans will pull air in from the space between the door and the front panel, which is limiting. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Front-Fan-Door Behind that front panel resides the two included 140mm fans; these are Rosewill DF1402512SEMN.  Each of the two fans are filtered and are held in place with clips, not screws.  The fan holders pop out of place with a simple push, releasing the push-lock mechanism.  The door is pretty solid, and is held closed by a couple of magnets that are hidden behind two pieces of rubber.  Also, some external damage to be aware of, on the side panel at the bottom is a small dent. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Window Moving along to the side panel, we can see a side window that should provide a good view of the GPU and various other components.  It has a slightly unique look to it which can make it stand out a little.  The side panel is not coated in the "Soft Touch" finish, it is done with normal paint, which can make for a small difference in color.    At the top of the panel is the slider to raise the top panel, which we will look at shortly. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Window-Scratches The outside of the window is covered with a piece of plastic to protect the window from scrapes.  Unfortunately, this is only on one side, and our sample had some scratches on the inside of  the panel, which is not protected.  With that in mind, the review sample was shipped at least five times between Rosewill's warehouse and the final destination.  A case this heavy, being shipped that many times it arrived in great shape. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Back-Panel The back of the case has all the required common features; rear exhaust fan that will support either a 120mm or 140mm fan (140mm fan is included), motherboard I/O port key, 10 vented expansion slot covers with additional vents above the slots, and finally the bottom mounted power supply.  Also, if you are using an external water cooling solution, at the very top of the case is four water cooling ports. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-PSU-Filter The bottom of the case has a filter, that not only covers the power supply intake, but the entire bottom panel.  Rosewill made it easy to clean, simply pull it out of the back side of the case and you can easily slide it back into place once it's cleaned.  I was surprised at how heavy duty the bottom filter is.  Taking it entirely out of the case, it was very rigid, and did not bend.  Many of the cases I have seen with full length bottom filters they are pretty flimsy and bend with ease.  This one does not bend or droop when taken out of the guides. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Top Like the front panel, the top panel is coated in their "Soft Touch" finish, which is very nicely done.  If you aren't aware of what the top panel has hidden, you might assume it is a solid panel.  In the front section is the front I/O cluster hidden behind a door just above the power and reset buttons. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Top-IO Behind the little sliding door is the front I/O cluster.  Rosewill has done a great job with the I/O cluster by including four USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0.  There is also a headphone and a microphone jack hidden under the door.  The door can use a little more thought, opening and closing the door multiple times it would stick a little and would need a little extra force to straighten it out. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Top-Open Using the slider above the side panel window, a portion of the top panel raises up approximately 1/2 inch. This should allow for some decent airflow and provides a cool looking effect.  As there are blue LED fans at the top, it'll be interesting to see if the LED light shines through the top panel. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-External-Bottom With the amount of hardware that a full tower can handle, along with it being made of steel, the B2 Spirit can be a very heavy case once it's fully loaded.  To support the weight and provide airflow into the power supply and bottom of the case, there are four large feet that raise it off the surface by 1.5" inches.  Each of the four feet have anti-slide rubber on them as well.  The large filter we just took a quick look at, we can see how much of the bottom panel it covers.  The area it doesn't cover is where the 3.5" drives would be, the rest of the bottom panel is open with a honeycomb patter for airflow.  

Rosewill B2 Spirit Internal Impressions

Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Full-View   The side panel comes off pretty easy, simply remove two thumbscrews on the back of the case and the side panel slides towards the back of the case and away.  With the panel off, we can take a look at the all black interior.  At first glance, a couple of items jumped out, the dual CPU cooler cutouts that should work great for motherboards with dual processors, a large number of cable management holes, and the large amount of space available for installation; it is a full tower afterall.  Taking a closer look at the motherboard tray, there are a large number of locations for motherboard standoffs, however there is no guide for where to install them, manual says to "Line the standoffs with the screw holes on the motherboard", the spots are numbered, but no guide to which ones you need for which size of motherboard.  It's nice when you have a guide where to install the standoffs rather than having to try your motherboard several times to make sure they all line up correctly. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-525-Bays The 5.25" device bays utilize a familar tool-less installation method.  Once the devices are in place, you slide the lock (towards the back of the case), which secures the devices in the bay.  Rosewill has secured all of the internal cables together, however they are hanging freely.  A large number of them have rub spots on them, which goes to show what caused the damage to the side panel. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Bottom-35 Seems to be a small issue with the extra 3.5" drive cage.  It is leaning slightly, which made me wonder how stable it was.  I was easily able to move it back and forth; not as sturdy as I expected.  Between the large 10 bay and the extra 3 bay cages is a place for two 120mm or 140mm fans, as well as a radiator. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-35-Tray The 3.5" drive trays are a familiar design, there are little metal pins to secure your 3.5" drives to the tray, as well as holes in the bottom of the tray to support 2.5" drives. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-PSU-Area The bottom mounted power supply can support the longest of the power supplies, including those monster 1500W units.  With the bottom 3.5" drive cages, there is space for a 10 inch power supply, remove the bottom drive cage and you now have up to 16.5 inches of space.  Supporting the power supply are four rubber feet to help reduce vibration.  In addition, there is a foam bracket in place on the back of the case, that will also help reduce vibration noise. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Full-No-Cage The bottom drive cage is easily removed with four screws from the bottom; easy to do while the case is empty.  With the cage removed we can see the full amount of space that is available within the inside of the B2 Spirit.  The cable management rubber grommets are done really well, providing plenty of space to route cables to keep the interior clean.  There are three across the top and bottom, five vertical ones, and four small ones that would be at the bottom of the motherboard. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Back-Panel After taking a look at the back panel from the outside, nothing surprises us from the internal view.  We can see that the 10 expansion slots, are all fully vented, and held in place with thumbscrews; there are extra vents above the slots.  The rear 140mm fan is a normal black non-LED case fan.  Four external liquid cooling tube holes at the top (to the right of fan and motherboard rear I/O port). Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Top-Fans Taking a look at the top of the case from inside, we can see there is room for another 140mm fan.  Rosewill specifies that the B2 Spirit will fit a 280mm radiator, however looking at the top panel it might fit up to a 420mm (3x140mm), or at least a 360mm radiator; especially since there is room for up to 3 140mm fans.  The two included fans are blue LED fans, which will light the top half of the case in blue light. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Internal-Back-MB-Tray The back of the motherboard tray, there isn't much to look at.  Rosewill took the time to install the 5.25" bays are completely tool-less by including the tool-less locks on the back side as well.  There are ten places to secure your cables, with the six cable ties.  For spacing there is a good amount of space to route your cables with a little more than 1" of space between the motherboard tray and the back panel. Let's move on to installing some hardware.  

Rosewill B2 Spirit Hardware Installation

Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-Complete We decided to install the most recent test system into the B2 Spirit, which included the EVGA Z170X FTW motherboard, which is a standard ATX based motherboard.  One of the larger E-ATX or HPTX motherboards was not available to install into the B2 Spirit.  Due to the large size of the case, installing hardware is rather easy; there is plenty of room to work inside the case and everything installs like you would expect. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-Kingston-Media-Reader-Spacing With the front USB ports being recessed into the top panel, they can be hidden by the door.  However, this does pose a small issue.  The USB port area is not big enough for some devices; such as the Kingston MobileLite G3 media reader.  I tried a couple different large flash drives, and the largest of them, the Corsair Voyager GS barely fits. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-H105 To start the AIO cooler install the waterblock was attached to the CPU, and when we went to install the fans for the Corsair H105, we installed one in side the fan cage, and one on the other side.  This isn't how we would do an official build, but rather just to show the option of installing the fans on either side of the cage. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-AIO-Install Many AIO liquid coolers have fairly short tubes as they are generally geared towards being installed in standard ATX tower cases, not necessarily full towers.  In the B2 Spirit, you have a couple of options, install an AIO cooler at the top or inside the case next to the 3.5" drives.  As we wanted to show top LED fans turned on, we installed it against the 3.5" drive cages.  The Corsair H105 installed without any issues.  You have the option to install the fans either inside the fan cage or outside the cage directly to the radiator.  This is why we installed one on in the inside and outside; just to show you.  The Corsair H105 is 38mm thick and is the thickest radiator that will fit with the extra drive cage installed.  Without the extra drive cage and you won't have any issues with the thickness of any radiator or fan placement.   Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-Drives On each of the 13 drive trays, either a 2.5" or 3.5" drive can be installed.  To install a 2.5" drive, you will need to remove one of the tool-less pins and use four screws through the tray to properly install the drive.  For 3.5" drives, you can bend the tray a little and slide the drive into place.  This is a very common type of tray and it works rather well.  It's nice that once installed, all the SATA power and data connections will line up in the back of the case, allowing for the cables to be routed nicely. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-Cable-Management Firstly, cable management is pretty simple to do in the B2 Spirit, if you have the right cables.  As with most full tower cases, you need to have the right cables, which I have already mentioned needing certain extensions.  What you can see here is the front panel cables that Rosewill provides (but did not tie down on our sample), are long enough to be properly routed out of the way.  The included fan cables, while not really long enough to reach all the right places for the motherboard fan headers, are long enough to use the Molex connector for power.  The two holes in the motherboard tray are in the right location to allow access to the back of the motherboard for installing CPU cooler brackets. Even without doing any major cable management, the back panel slide back into place without any issues. Now for the previously mentioned cable length issues.  If you take a closer look at the 8-pin motherboard power cable, it is going straight up the back of the tray from the power supply to the connector on the motherboard.  There is no give in it, connecting it to the motherboard was rather difficult.   Next I ran into issues routing the included front fan connections to the motherboard.  Those cables are pretty short, and if your motherboard happens to not have any available fan headers that are not along the edge of the motherboard, you are out of luck.  You'll need extensions, which are not included; of course you have the option to use a 4-pin Molex connector for power. Something to consider is whether the power cables on the power supply being too short is an issue for Rosewill or the power supply?  I can see both sides of the debate.  Rosewill can't account for every possible short cable issue, however it would be nice for Rosewill to at least include the 8-pin motherboard power cable extension and longer fan power cables for the fans they include in the B2 Spirit.  Personally, I would have rather have 6 inch longer cables than the 4-pin Molex connector being attached. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-LED-Glow With everything installed, we can turn on the system and see the Blue LED fans light up the top portion of the case.  The picture doesn't really do the lighting justice as it is a bit brighter than the picture alludes to.  One thing that is hard to see in the picture is that a little light does escape from the top panel when it is raised up; not a lot but enough to give it a nice lighting effect.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Rosewill B2 Spirit Overall, I am impressed with Rosewill's B2 Spirit case, it supports all the hardware anybody could pack into a system.  If you are looking for a case to support any motherboard, the B2 Spirit supports up to the largest HPTX motherboards.  For storage options, it has you covered as well with support for up to 13 3.5" hard drives, and four 5.25" devices.  Even the cooling options are numerous, with spots for up to eight fans; AIO liquid cooling is supported up to 280mm radiators, however I feel up to a 420mm radiator could fit at the top. The B2 Spirit is made of high quality steel, making it very heavy but also very sturdy.  The top and front panel have a special "Soft Touch" coating on them, giving them a rubber type coating, I like this coating; however I would prefer the entire case be coated in it rather than just the top and front.  The fans included with the B2 Spirit are also high quality, the blue LED's were bright and vibrant, while all five of the included fans weren't overly loud or annoying. Rosewill-B2-Spirit-Build-Complete The scratches on the windowed side panel would be highly annoying if I was purchasing this case.  It is easily avoided if the cables were secured properly, or pre-routed to behind the motherboard tray; which is very common.  The dent on the side panel would upset me as well, I'm sure Rosewill didn't ship it this way from their warehouse, so I'll assume it is from shipping.  Both of these issues I assume are due to the multiple shipments this specific review sample went through, from the time it left Rosewill, it was shipped at least five times before it got to me to review it; because of this, I am not going to hold the scratches and dent in the panel against Rosewill. [gallery ids="173249,173604"] Physical issues aside, there are a few concerns I do have about the B2 Spirit.  The top I/O cluster is the biggest one, the way it is hidden behind a door is nice, however opening the door can be tricky as the door sticks sometimes.  Also, the way the top I/O is recessed into the case top panel, I had issues using the Kingston MobileLite G3 media reader in the panel, and the Corsair Voyager GS (about 1 in wide) barely fit into the USB 3.0 port; again, not everybody is going to run into this issue. Two other areas of concern include the air intake from the front fans, which are hidden behind a solid door with no good openings to pull in air.  The solid door does help reduce noise from the fans, but with no vents on any side the amount of airflow can be limiting. Finally, the concern about cable length on the fans and power supply.  The B2 Spirit is a very large case, it requires longer than normal cables to really do things correctly, while not required, it would be nice if Rosewill would include an 8-pin MB power extension cable, and change the power connectors on the fans from including both 3-pin fan and 4-pin molex, an adapter from 3-pin to Molex would be preferred and make for a cleaner install. If you are looking for a full tower case that can support the largest HPTX motherboards with a huge amount of hardware capacity, there aren't that many options.  The Rosewill B2 Spirit can be purchased for $169.99 with free shipping (a $30 mail in rebate was available at the time we completed this review, making the final cost $139.99), making it the lowest cost options in the Super Tower case category that will support Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX and HPTX motherboards.  If you need a case for these huge motherboards, the Rosewill B2 Spirit is a great option, even with the limitations that we pointed out.  Those that are looking for a case like this will be familiar with many of the spacing issues and will be prepared for them. Legit Reviews Value Award Legit Bottom Line:  For those that are looking for a case to support any motherboard up to a HPTX, a large amount of hard drives or just a very spacious case, the Rosewill B2 Spirit is a great option, even with a few concerns.