be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid Tower ATX Case

silentbase800logo Founded in 2002, German-based company be quiet! is a manufacturer of high quality components for desktop computers with an emphasis on form, quality and of course, silent operation.  A couple of short years ago, be quiet! was a relatively unknown manufacturer here in the states, but the company has made a nice push into the North American territory, notably with their high quality CPU coolers which we have reviewed previously here at Legit Reviews. There really is a lot of innovation and clever design going into PC cases these days, so it will be very interesting to see what be quiet! brings to the table with their first chassis offering, the Silent Base 800.  The Silent Base 800 is by no means a new chassis, in fact, it's been out for a year.  It was sent to us recently because be quiet! has updated the case with a windowed side panel that should renew interest in the model.  Customers can buy the case with the side panel included if they don't already own a Silent Base 800, while existing users are able to purchase the panel separately.  Unfortunately, supply of both the case and side panel are scarce here in the states, which we will get into more later. Let's read more about the Silent Base 800 directly from be quiet!:
Unique Performance and Usability be quiet! is justifiably famous for making some of the most technologically-advanced, and absolutely the quietest, PC equipment available. True to the motto “form follows function” the PC case Silent Base 800 Black offers the perfect symbiosis of noise prevention and cooling performance, a good usability and an extensive capacity for high-end hardware. With a targeted combination of unique airflow control and sound insulation features, Silent Base 800 is a truly superior case ideal for high-end gaming gear and for quiet systems.
  • Outstanding performance thanks to an innovative construction that assures excellent cooling efficiency and a perfect air-circulation at well-known whisper-quiet operation
  • Excellent usability with simplest mounting and tool-free fitting of drives, an intelligent and adaptable cable solution, and air intake filters that are easily accessed for cleaning
  • Ample space and cutouts are provided for high-end components of today and tomorrow, including space for water cooling radiators
  • Three pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans feature nine airflow-optimized fan blades and are decoupled from the case to move heat out with a minimum of vibration and the quietest possible operation
  • Professional cable management is supported with generous space for organizing cables, silicone rubber grommets, and carefully placed pass-throughs
  • Form follows function principle maximizes performance; the look of the case is based upon its intended function and purpose
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany
be quiet! Silent Base 800 specifications
CASE TYPE: Mid-Tower
MATERIAL: Steel & Plastic
WEIGHT: 9.3 kg (20.5 lbs)
DRIVE BAYS: 3x External 5.25" 7x Internal 3.5" 4x Internal 2.5" (2x on Rear Motherboard Tray, 2x on HDD cages)
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 266 x 559 x 495 mm
AVAILABLE MODELS Black (BG002), Orange(BG001), Silver(BG003), Black Windowed (BGW02), Orange Windowed (BGW02), Silver Windowed (BGW03)
FRONT FANS: 140mm Fans x 2 / 120mm Fans x 2 (2x 140mm Pure Wings 2 Installed)
REAR FANS: 120mm Fan x 1 (1x 120mm Pure Wings 2 Installed)
TOP FANS: 120mm Fans x 2 / 140mm Fans x 2
BOTTOM FANS: 120mm Fan x 1 / 140mm Fan x 1
SIDE FANS: 120mm Fan x 1
I/O: 2x USB 3.0 2x USB 2.0 1x Headphone 1x Microphone
Warranty 3 Years
Compatibility: CPU Cooler: 170mm GPU: 290mm, 400mm without HDD cage PSU: 290mm
silentbase800frontopenlogo be quiet! is touting silent operation along with extensive support for high-end hardware with the Silent Base 800. The maximum supported CPU Cooler Height is 170mm when the stock side panel is used, so tall CPU coolers like the Noctua NH-D15 are supported.  Support for mITX, mATX and ATX motherboards is noted.  Support for 400MM GPU's is available when the top drive cage is removed, so pretty much any consumer GPU is going to work in the Silent Base 800 without issue if you remove the middle drive cage.  The Silent Base 800 is now available in six different models.  Black, Orange and Silver base models have been available since late last year and be quiet! has just released these same cases with a windowed side panel that has a unique dual pane design.silentbase800boxfrontbe quiet! ships the Silent Base 800 in a black cardboard box that has nice pictures of the case and spells out the specifications and features in various languages.  This packaging stands out when compared to that of other cases I've reviewed lately and would look great on retail shelves.  The windowed side panel, which we were unable to find available for sale separately at the time of review, arrived to us damaged and won't be used for this review. silentbase800boxopenThe Silent Base 800 comes packaged between two large Styrofoam inserts and is wrapped with a cloth cover to prevent scratching.  This cover is very soft and does a great job of protecting the case.  The feet are not installed on the case when shipped, likely to prevent them from being damaged.  Overall, the packaging is adequate and did well in protecting the case in its journey to me.silentbase800manualThe accessory kit included with the Silent Base 800 is more than adequate, with a simple, yet informative manual being provided. silentbase800accessorybundleThere is a cable tie down included to help with cable management behind the motherboard tray, along with several zip ties.  The accessory kit also includes multiple thumbscrews to attach hard drives to the rubber mounts.  We doubt users are going to end up using all of the hard drive brackets, so these thumbscrews can be used for other applications.  be quiet! also includes an abundance of screws for mounting SSD's and securing optical drives.  While it's not the greatest bundle we've ever seen, it's better than ones we've seen in more expensive cases we are currently reviewing. We are very happy to see the warranty terms for the Silent Base 800 clearly spelled out in the case documentation.  The case is covered for three years for manufacturers defects.  If you should ever experience a problem with the case, such as a USB port failing, or other functional issue, be quiet! will take care of the issue for you.  be quiet! is located in Germany, so any type of support that requires shipping back to them may be cost prohibitive and inconvenient to end users who happen to be outside of Europe. Let's take a look at the external features of the Silent Base 800, now.

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid Tower ATX Case External Impressions


When looking at the Silent Base 800, you will notice it is an understated yet extremely stylish exterior.  The lines are all clean and flow well and the color scheme of the case is great looking, with a small amount of orange complementing the soft black color of the rest of the case.  The larger size is due to the large plastic top and bottom sections of the case, which add quite a bit of size overall.  Thankfully, these plastic parts are functional and not just there for aesthetic reason.  The front panel is held on by tape, which is good, because one side was loose out of the box.  Thankfully, there was no damage and the tape did its job of holding the panel up. silentbase800bottomfeet1 The included feet add a little additional height, but more important provide stability and additional noise and vibration reduction through their rubber pads.  These feet are similar to those found on the Corsair 760T and I really like that they are functional and aesthetically pleasing.  be quiet! is using a really nice rubber here that has a nice amount of grip and they are attached to the feet quite well and didn't come off during our constant moving during the review process.  After unpacking, checking out the exterior and installing the feet, right off the bat, the Silent Base 800 feels like it's a high quality case. silentbase800sideprofile1 The orange accents surrounding the intake grills on front of the case are subtle and don't distract, they do just enough to bring a little bit of contrast to the case.  Also of note, the soft black metal panel color and plastic panels color match perfectly and flow together well. I noted that the accents are removable via snap tabs, so perhaps be quiet! will allow end users to buy kits to change the colors of these accents if so desired.  I would have liked to see this case with a dark blue accent and grommets, for example, so perhaps be quiet! can make a kit available in the future. silentbase800iopanel The top panel is basic, yet functional.  There are 2x USB 3.0 ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports, along with Audio Ports.  The power button is large and illuminates orange when turned on.  Some may question the size of the power button, but I actually like the way it stands out and sits on the case.  It looks clean.  The HDD activity LED has also cleverly been wired to the reset button, giving it double duty.  This was really clever and a cool design element from be quiet!, though it was completely unclear that the HDD activity LED was a reset button and only found out through reading the manual.  That's twice now I've found important information in the manual for the Silent Base 800.  I consider it a good thing to be able to reference information in the manual and wasn't finding myself frustrated by a lack of documentation. silentbase800toppanel be quiet! has designed the top panel to insulate noise and channel it through the rear and small slits in the top.  Unfortunately, airflow can be compromised due to a lack of exhaust and running fans on high in the top of the case could cause some air to rebound.  Thankfully, this design will keep any dust from coming into the case through the top fan area, which coupled with the filters on every intake location, should help keep the Silent Base 800 internals dust free and clean over time. silentbase800frontopen5 The front panel is designed with sound damping material on the drive bay and fan covers which helps keeps the noise signature low.  The optical drive door is on hinges that can be removed and replaced to the other side of the door so that you can reverse the opening direction.  On the opposite side of the hinges, there are rubber stops to keep the door from hitting your drive bay covers.  You do have to remove the front panel to remove the hinges, which isn't clear unless you read the manual.  When I had first removed the hinges and moved the door to the other side, the hinges wouldn't stay in.  It was after consulting the manual that I found the front panel actually has two plastic pieces that you also unscrew and move to other side in order to hold the door hinges forward. silentbase800frontopen4 The lower cover is simple and features a chromed sticker be quiet! logo.  Under the lower cover, which comes off after pushing in to release the tabs, there is a filter that covers the intake fans. silentbase800frontopen3 The tabs are attached to this filter and seem like they could have long term durability issues, given that they are small, moving plastic parts.  Our sample didn't have any issues after removing and attaching the door several times, but I am concerned that the door is held on by simple plastic tabs attached to a plastic housing.   silentbase800frontopen2 The 140MM Pure Wings 2 fans installed in the front of the case are each rated for 20DB while moving 65 CFM of air and include rubber decouples that help isolate vibration from the fans.  Given that this is be quiets! flagship case, including their even better Silent Wings 2 fans would have been a great way to make an impact on the market, as most other manufacturers are including cheap fans with their cases.  Still, the Pure Wings 2 are good, quiet fans that perform well.silentbase800frontopen1 The removable filter mechanism is really simple to remove and clean.  In fact, it's the simplest intake filter I've worked with yet.  It literally takes just seconds to remove and reinstall.  This is really intuitive, as it will encourage users to keep their filters clean, as it is simple to do so.  Inaccessible filters will likely just become dust traps after a while, as most end users don't want to pick up their cases or do voodoo magic just to clean their filters.  Again, be quiet! hits the nail right on the head  on their first go. silentbase800sidepanel The side panels of the Silent Base 800 are definitely standing out as a high point.  They are very rigid and well constructed.  There is a center fan cover with the be quiet! logo emblazoned on it that is simply removed by pinching the clips inside and pushing the cover out.silentbase800sidepanelinside There is a nice application of thick, high quality sound damping material present.    The side panels also feature a bottom rail that sets on the case when removing and installing the panel that really helps ensure the panel is on completely. silentbase800rear The rear of the case is standard fare and there isn't anything out of the ordinary or concerning to point out.  There is a 120MM fan mount that be quiet! has installed one of their Pure Wings 2 fans into.  Unfortunately, this mount is limited to 120MM fans.  The grill on the fans is pushed slightly outwards to aid in finger protection and noise reduction. silentbase800rear2 There are vent holes above the PCI-E expansion area to assist with cooling.  Also located on the back panel are three rubber grommets for external watercooling applications, which is a nice feature to have, given the cases inability to run more than a single radiator internally. silentbase800bottomfilter At the very bottom of the rear of the case, there is a removable filter that offers coverage for both the PSU and optional bottom internal fan.  This filter is long and could be difficult to remove depending on how you position the case. We've covered the externals of the case and thus far are impressed with the styling and functionality.  The sound damping materials and little touches like Pure Wings 2 fans, well built side panels and the beautiful soft black paint that is uniform across the case all stand out.  The filter mechanisms are all simple, well-built and easily accessible, something we can't say of other, more expensive cases we're currently taking a look at. Now, let's take a look at the case internally and see what it has to offer.

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid Tower ATX Case Internal Impressions

silentbase800sideopen The Silent Base 800 offers a very familiar internal layout that is similar to that seen in the Corsair 300R, 450D and others.  This is a very functional layout that doesn't have any glaring issues, offering up multiple rubber grommets for cable routing, adequate spacing and solid overall build quality.  There is a large CPU cutout, as expected, to aid in the installation and removal of CPU coolers.  There are proper cutouts on the tray to allow 8-Pin CPU connectors to pass through above the motherboard and overall, this is a layout we're very familiar and happy with.  While it would have been nice to see some innovation here or something new, you can't fault be quiet! for going with a tried and true internal layout that other manufacturers have had excellent results with. silentbase800sideopen2 The motherboard tray doesn't feature traditional standoffs, but rather the in-tray standoff design we've become used to with various cases.  This is a great design choice, as it saves time and will ensure a more stable motherboard installation, as there won't be any crooked standoffs.  I've always disliked standoffs, as they tend to get stuck on their screws when removing boards, creating more trouble than should be necessary when swapping motherboards.  Seven PCI-E slots is standard for a Mid Tower ATX case, though it would be nice to see eight slots here to allow for additional expansion.   Unfortunately, the lack of airflow to the Silent Base 800 GPU area and limited watercooling potential should keep the system limited to dual GPU use, in my opinion. silentbase800opengrommets The orange grommets be quiet! ships with the Silent Base 800 are very high quality and the way they are slatted actually allows for excellent cable management when using flat cables.  The rubber is very soft and pliable and won't disintegrate like we've seen with some cheaper grommets used in more expensive cases. silentbase800headercables be quiet! has done the right thing in terms of looks by making sure all of the header cables are black.  This really is a simple thing that helps improve looks a lot.  When I see a case in 2015 that has multicolored panel cables, it just doesn't look right. silentbase800rubberpsu The PSU sits on rubber pads that help isolate it from the chassis and reduce noise.  These pads or similar are something I consider to be a requirement in any quiet or enthusiast chassis, as their absence can make a big difference in noise output and vibration.  The anti vibration pads on the Silent Base 800 are high quality and didn't have any issues with lifting after removing and replacing the PSU a few times, which is something we've had a problem with on other cases. silentbase800bottomfan There is room for a 120MM or 140MM intake fan to be installed on the bottom of the case.  In order to install the fan you will need to remove the bottom panel of the case, which is simple enough to do and the manual also provides instructions.  Some longer power supplies are going to interfere with fan installation, no doubt. silentbase800rearfan The rear of the case features a Pure Wings 2 120MM fan that moves just shy of 52 CFM of air at 1500 RPM while producing just under 20db of noise.  be quiet! has included an in-line adapter that reduces voltage to the fan, thus letting it run at a slower speed and run more quietly.  Even at full speed, this fan is barely audible. silentbase800odddrives The Silent Base 8000 offers up three 5.25" bays that operate with a very convenient slide-to-lock system.  The locks are stylish and feature the be quiet! logo.  As we will soon point out, be quiet! has subtly placed their branding all throughout the Silent Base 800.  Also of note, if you dig into the manual, you will discover that you may place one of the hard drive cages into the optical bay area.  This is a nice feature to have available, as it can help users configure their systems for better airflow by removing the drive cages from in front of the intake fans. silentbase800drivecages The hard drive cages in the Silent Base 800 are all easily removable via thumbscrews.  You can also reverse the order of the cages, remove them altogether to help increase airflow and, as mentioned before, you can even put one in the optical drive area.  Hard drives lock into place within the cages with a simple thumbscrew and slide mechanism, which works quite well. silentbase800drivecagessd Each of the drive cages features an SSD mount on top, which is a nice touch and almost necessary, as there would only be two SSD mounts if these mount points weren't available.  Drive mounting has been well thought out by be quiet! on the Silent Base 800.  The rubber mounts are easy to use and mount to the hard drives with ease, although their inability to be used with 2.5" drives is a let down.  Here we see their "Designed in Germany.  Assembled in China" stamp.  This won't be the last time this shows up, as be quiet! has made sure to brand this case throughout. silentbase800frontintake be quiet! has outfitted the Silent Base 800 with two Pure Wings 2 140MM fans that produce 65CFM at 1600RPM while producing less than 20 dBA of noise.  These are great fans, especially when paired with good motherboard speed control software to tune them.  However, when designing this case, be quiet! should have specified that the back of the fan mounts be open, thus allowing better airflow.  The way they are designed, the back of these intakes are used as HDD slide mounts on other cases, such as the Corsair 300R.  Since be quiet! is using a different mounting system than other manufacturers who use this base chassis, they could have easily had the cage changed to a less restrictive model and allowed less noise and increased airflow. silentbase800frontradblocker Due to the platform the HDD cage sits on, which features the 'Designed in Germany.  Assembled in China' stamp to remind you again of where this case came from, installing a 240/280MM radiator in the front of the Silent Base 800 just isn't possible.  Not all is lost, as the Silent Base 800 is still compatible with these types of coolers being installed in the top panel of the case.  Still, the front intake area is something we would like to see be quiet! to address in future cases they design, as it seems like there was wasted potential and design flaws here and competing cases like the Fractal R5 and NZXT H440 support front radiator mounts. silentbase800rearmobo The rear motherboard area is spacious, with lots of room for wiring and offers two 2.5" SSD mounts that are removable via thumbscrew.  Unfortunately we can immediately see there are no cable tie down points beyond the ones running along the header cables and the single point we see above the PSU wiring grommet.  For a high quality case preaching aesthetics, this is a major drawback and will lead to longer build times. silentbase800rearmobossd These SSD mounts are high quality and each sport the be quiet! logo, which is obscured when SSD's are in place.  This type of hidden mount is something we've begun to see consistently in enthusiasts chassis and we certainly notice when they are omitted from other cases.  Manufacturers, take note, these SSD mounts are borderline necessary in an enthusiasts chassis with removable drive cages.  This is be quiets! first go at a case and they got it right. silentbase800toppanelfans The top panel of the case shows a very clean layout that allows for simple fan installation.  Dual 120MM or Dual 140MM fans are supported and there are screw slots rather than uniform holes so that you can adjust the fans outwards from the motherboard to aid with clearance when using a radiator.  This is a well thought out design, as it increases flexibility in possible cooling options and alleviates concerns with being able to install AIO coolers with large radiators.  We also note that be quiet! has included cut outs on both the front and rear beyond the fans actual mounting area.  This is so hoses from radiators can run through with the radiator being placed on top of the cage.  This is great flexibility to have and be quiet! has done very well with the design and functionality of the top panel on the Silent Base 800. silentbase800topconnector We also like that the cables on the top panel can easily be removed via adapters so that they don't snap off.  This was an issue for us when reviewing the Zalman Z11 Neo and I had wished at the time Zalman had done exactly what be quiet! has done here.  Also of note, be quiet! has managed to include their 'Designed in Germany.  Assembled in China' stamp on this part of the chassis, just in case you're deep into your build and needed a reminder of your cases origin, again. We are impressed with the be quiet! Silent Base 800 internally, for the most part.  We've noted the flaws we found in design, notably in regard to the intake area having unnecessary metal blocking air intake and a lack of front radiator support.  Also disappointing to a lesser degree, there are only a couple of cable tie down points on the motherboard tray.  Besides these issues, the Silent Base 800 looks great internally and has some great design elements that should help the build process go smoothly. Now that we've taken a look at the cases internal features, let's get a system built into it and see how things look.  We'll also examine any build issues or fundamental flaws that we couldn't discover during our external and internal looks at the case.

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid Tower ATX Case Build Overview

We wanted to build a relatively quiet system in the Silent Base 800 to help highlight it's primary function, silent operation.  When paired with zero-RPM parts like the Corsair RM750 PSU and eVGA GTX 960 SSC GPU's we used during this evaluation, you could turn the system on with the panels closed and not know it was on until the monitor actually splashed.  The only component we heard consistently was the fans and pump from the Corsair H100I GTX AIO cooler we used, as you could hear the faint whine of the fans and pump escaping from the rear of the chassis.  The sound damping material throughout the case and design features to channel air really helped eliminate noise, as the system was barely audible from just a couple feet away. silentbase800completedbuild Building into the Silent Base 800 was an absolute pleasure for a number of reasons.  First of all, the quality and ease in which you can remove and replace the side panels need to be noted.  The side panels sit on a track that lets you line it up perfectly with the case when sliding it on.  This is great, as it lets you put the side panels on straight and with ease and also be able to take them off without them crashing down upon being released from their latch points.  While not as convenient as some of the swivel doors I've worked with, it was really refreshing taking the panels on and off on the Silent Base 800. All of our build hardware installed without issue and the case didn't have any sharp edges or present any inconveniences.  The IO shield of the Z97 Sabertooth fit the case perfectly and the motherboard lined up perfectly with the screw holes that are built into the tray.  Our Corsair H100I GTX installed without issue due to the spacious top fan area provided by the Silent Base 800.  We elected to install the radiator and fan within the chassis to help keep air turbulence down when running the H100I GTX on high, but be quiet! has cutouts on the top fan ports that allow AIO coolers to sit above the frame, so spacing shouldn't be an issue with any of the 240MM/280MM AIO units currently on the market, though it's always good to do additional research if you're unsure. silentbase800driveinstall After removing the upper cage to suit our particular build, our 2TB Western Digital hard drive installed without issue and we could notice the drive vibration not transferring to the metal cage, but rather staying isolated to the drive.  This indicates the rubber mounts are doing their job, as intended.  Even without the middle cage removed, the Silent Base 800 would have had no problems clearing the graphics cards used, eVGA  GTX 960 SSC's. silentbase800bottomfanwithpsu With a Corsair RM750 PSU, which is pretty much a standard length unit, we see that installing a 140MM fan is simply not an option, as the PSU extends over the 140MM mounting holes.  Installation of a 120MM is certainly possible, as the fan will be able to clear the PSU and its modular cables.  While smaller PSU's will allow for a 140MM fan to be installed, we think it's not worth the compromise if you already own a nice PSU you want to use with the case.  Another thing to consider is that since the PSU and 120MM fan would both be pulling air from the same area beneath the chassis, the 120MM fan may compromise the amount of air the PSU is able to pull in. silentbase800bigfilter During the external portion of our review, we talked about the length of the filter in the Silent Base 800.  A lot of people have their cases with the rear facing a wall, so I could see removal of this filter taking some time, but it's hardly a nuisance and shouldn't discourage users from keeping their filters cleaned.  These filters are easy to clean.  Take them out, rinse them out, and let them dry. silentbase800rearmobossd2 The dedicated 2.5" SSD installation points on the rear of the motherboard tray that complement the other two SSD install points are excellent, though be quiet! should have thought out a solution that would allow SSD's to be installed in the 3.5" bays using the rubber installation strips.  Perhaps they can address this on a future revision of the case, as the current SSD installation points could be potentially limiting, though four installation points should be enough for most users. silentbase800rearmobo2 There is plenty of room in the rear of the chassis to route cables and we were able to clean things up pretty well.  There aren't any cable tie down points on the rear of the motherboard tray except for a couple running along the grommets, as previously noted.  This is a major oversight and be quiet! should address it on future case revisions.  For such a cleanly designed case that preaches aesthetics, limiting the end users cable management ability is a let down. silentbase800rearcabling I had to spend more time with zip ties and folding cables than usual, but the case was very easy to work with and the side panel had no issue going on and closing.  The lack of tie downs did make the build take several minutes longer than usual, as I had to bundle cables together and zip tie them more closely together.  There is a lot of room behind the tray to tuck cables, as pictured and because the side panel sits on the rail, it won't have issues going on if cables are sticking out a bit. silentbase800dvdinstalled The sliding tool free locks for the optical drives work great and there are also screw holes available to further secure your drives.  Here, we see the drive is unlocked.  To lock it, we just slide the mechanism towards the lock arrow.  Simple and effective.  As we completed the build, we were forced to move the Blu Ray drive to the lowest bay, as using higher bays caused interference with our H100I GTX AIO coolers hoses.  Changing the direction of the radiator on the Corsair cooler is possible, but this would cause the hoses to interfere with the rear Pure Wings 2 fan, so we chose this compromise. silentbase800dvdinstall Optical drive bays seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, but I still prefer having at least a couple of them available on my personal system.  We installed an Asus Blu Ray player into the Silent Base 800 without issue and found it lined up perfectly and without issue. The Silent Base 800 allowed us to install our components without issue and build a very good looking, quiet system without any compromises being made beyond the way we had to situate the lines for our AIO cooler, which caused us to have to move our Blu Ray drive.  I was thoroughly impressed with how quiet the case runs and anybody from a novice to experienced builder will have no problem building a nice system inside of the Silent Base 800, especially if they take extra time to  plan out cable routing.  While they aren't deal breakers and didn't cause any problems during our build, fixing the issues with the lack of cable ties on the motherboard tray and adding radiator support and ditching the unnecessary metal in the intake area would really help round out the Silent Base 800. Let's see go ahead and conclude this review with our take on how the case performs and compares against others in its market segment.

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid Tower ATX Case Final Thoughts and Conclusion

silentbase800internalbuild1 The be quiet! Silent Base 800 is a very stylish, refined chassis with clean looks and it really does operate silently, as advertised.  The build quality of the chassis is excellent, with well-fitted side panels that are solidly constructed and quality components are in use, such as Pure Wings fans and high quality removable filters.  The case sits very nicely on the included feet, which greatly help reduce vibration and noise transfer from the case to a desk or floor.  We did notice the clips for the front fan cover are made of plastic and can be prone to breaking, but our sample arrived fine after being shipped across the country at least twice. silentbasefans The oversight be quiet! had when it came to the intake area in general is a let down, because it would be great to be able to install an AIO cooler in the front of the case, especially since this intake is filtered.  Furthermore, the unnecessary metal that is impeding airflow could have easily been removed since be quiet! isn't using the structure to mount drives.  Competing cases such as the NZXT H440 and Fractal Designs R5 offer much better airflow and front radiator support.  Also, many manufacturers are offering PWM fan splitters in their cases and this would help add to the value of the Silent Base 800 while not adding much to the cost.  Besides these issues, I can only point to a lack of cable tie-down points behind the motherboard tray as being something else be quiet! should address with future case revisions, as that was the only other issue that bothered us during the review. When looking at the Silent Base 800, we are impressed with the fact that it is the first chassis ever designed and released by be quiet!  We've seen companies that have been making PC cases for decades slip and fall when it comes to keeping up  with consumer needs, while newcomers to the market like be quiet! are designing cases that appeal to consumers right out of the gate.  For be quiet!, this can only bode well for their future in the case market, especially if they take reviewer and consumer feedback seriously and implement it into future product revisions. silentbase800logo1 With the Silent Base 800, be quiet! has delivered a stylish, well-built, cleverly designed case that actually performs as advertised. Right now, the Silent Base 800 models range from $144.99 to $160.00 shipped depending on the color you want over at Amazon. As it stands, $145 would seem a reasonable price to pay given the build quality, component quality and feature set of the Silent Base 800, but stiff competition may have consumers looking elsewhere in order to stretch their budget on more critical components for their build. If be quiet! could hit a price point at around $119 (to be more competitive with the Corsair 330R, Fractal R5, NZXT H440 and other cases in its category), the Silent Base 800 would be an easy sale, as it’s a solid case with a couple of minor flaws. Hopefully, be quiet! can improve US distribution in the future so that customers stateside can access their products with ease and at a better value. LR_Recommended Legit Bottom Line: The be quiet Silent Base 800 offers solid build quality, clean aesthetics and most importantly, offers near-silent operation.  While there are minor issues that hold the case back from its maximum potential, they won't be major deal breakers for most users.  If you're looking to build a stylish, quiet, high performance system and the non-competitive price isn't a factor, the Silent Base 800 should be in serious contention.