NZXT S340 Mid Tower PC Case

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis As with most computer components, PC cases come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and of course prices. The key is finding the right case at a price that's right for you. Today I have the pleasure of looking at a new chassis from NZXT that is available from Amazon for $69.99 shipped, the S340. The NZXT S340 is a sleek looking chassis that isn't going to break the bank that is part of the NZXT Source product stack. The NZXT S340 is built to be a sturdy chassis and steel makes up 90% of the cases construction material. While steel isn't the lightest material out there, it does provide the chassis with much more durability. Though it does make for a little bit heavier chassis, the S340 weighs in at ~15.5Lbs or 7.05Kg for those across the pond. Though 15.5Lbs isn't all that heavy for a chassis that measures 7.9"x 17.5"x 17", it's a pretty decent size to weight ratio. The parts that aren't made from SECC Steel are made of ABS plastic. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower PC Chassis The NZXT S340 is the first chassis that I've had the chance to look at that has eliminated the optical drive bay. It really does free up the interior of the chassis and gives it a nice clean look not having a bulky drive cage at the front of the chassis. Not having the drive cage up front really opens up the interior of the S340, there's definitely going to be plenty of room to work when it comes to the build. NZXT S340 Retail Packaging The retail packaging for the NZXT S340 is pretty slick. The packaging is the case window surrounded by the chassis. I really like the way they NZXT did this, one of the more unique ways I've seen case packaging done. NZXT S340 Retail Packaging The primary colors available for the NZXT S340 are black and white, the packaging emulates what the case will look like with a system installed. The box is a nice heavy duty cardboard, during it's time being shipped to me, the retail box held up pretty well. NZXT S340 Retail Packaging Pulling the NZXT S340 out of the box it's wrapped in plastic and protected with some heavy duty Styrofoam on each end. This protects it during the hazards and woes of shipping!
NZXT S340 Features & Specifications
Model Number CA-S340W-W1 (White) CA-S340W-B1 (Black)
Drive Bays External 5.25": 0 Internal 3.5": 2+1 Internal 2.5": 2
Cooling System Front: 2x 140/2x120mm Top: 1x 140/120mm (1 x 120mm FN V2 Fans Included) Rear: 1x 120mm (1 x 120mm FN V2 Fan Included)
Filters Front (Included) Bottom Rear(Included)
Radiator Support Front 2 x 140 or 2 x 120mm Rear 1 x 120mm
Clearance GPU Clearance With Radiator: 334mm GPU Clearance Without Radiator: 364mm CPU Cooler: 161mm Cable Management: Lowest Point - 17mm; Highest Point 168mm
Dimensions 200mm x 445mm x 432mm
Material SECC Steel, ABS Plastic
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
Expansion Slots 7
External Electronics 1 x Audio/Mic 2x USB 3.0
Product Weight 7.05 kg
UPC 815671012111 (White) 815671012128 (Black)
USB 3.0 Ports 2
Warranty 2 Years
Now that we've taken a look at the features of the NZXT S340 mid-tower chassis as well as the retail packaging, I can finish peeling off the packaging and we can take a look at the exterior of the NZXT S340 on the next page!

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower PC Chassis Exterior Features

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis The NZXT S340 chassis is pretty sharp in white. I'm not typically a fan of white cases, but I really liked the look of this one right off of the bat. The NZXT S340 may be a very simplistic design, the overall look and function really does impress me. The left side of the NZXT S340 features a nice big window to show off all of your hardware. To me this is both a blessing and a curse. I love to show of the hardware I use, but I struggle with cable management (definitely not my forte). Though we will find out later on that NZXT has made that easy! The NZXT S340 is lacking an optical disk drive bay. Leaving out the drive tray does keeps the front of the S340 extremely clean looking, I'm not sold on not having the option. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis Right Solid Panel The opposite side is pretty plain, just a simple white panel. Some chassis have this panel shaped to allow for extra room to hide cables, but this one is nice an flat keeping in line with a nice clean look. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis Top Panel & Fan The top of the NZXT S340 chassis is where most of the external features can be found. The top of the S340 comes with a single 120mm FN V2 fan which is rated for 45 CFM at only 21 dBA. The NZXT S340 is able to accommodate up to a 140mm fan there if you wanted a larger fan. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis Front I/O ports The NZXT S340 front panel is actually tucked up here on the top of the chassis. The S340 features a pair of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, microphone jack, power button, and a hard drive activity light. I'm a little surprised that there isn't a reset button on the chassis, though that's certainly not a deal breaker for me. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis  Back Panel The back panel of the NZXT S340 PC chassis is pretty typical. Each of the seven expansion slots features a thumb screw, so no screw driver needed. The S340 exhaust fan is the same 120mm FN V2 fan that is equipped on the top of the S340. NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis Bottom Panel The bottom of the NZXT S340 has some nice tall rubber feet, the provides plenty of breathing room under the system, and the rubber feet prevent it from sliding around. Underneath the power supply, there is a removable filter that can be taken off and cleaned.

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower PC Chassis Interior Features

NZXT S340 Mid Tower Motherboard Tray Opening up the NZXT S340 was kinda like Christmas morning for me. I was excited to see what was inside, and how it was going to look without the optical drive bays cluttering up the inside of the chassis. I Like it! The inside of the NZXT S340 PC chassis is really clean looking, granted there's no system inside of it yet, which means no wires just yet. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Interior Expansion Slots The back panel of the NZXT S340 is pretty much the same as we saw on the outside. Each of the expansion slot covers is held in with a thumb screw, allowing for quick and easy changes. The fan is rated for 45 CFM at only 21 dBA, it's one of the NZXT FN V2 Fans that retails for $7.99 on it's own. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Interior Top Panel On the inside top of the chassis we can see the same NZXT FN V2 Fan installed. If you were so inclined, the top of the NZXT S340 can handle a single 140mm fan in place of the 120mm FN V2 fan that comes installed. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Inside Front Panel By leaving the optical drive bays out of the NZXT S340, NZXT was able to give enough room for either a dual 120mm radiator, or a dual 140mm radiator up front. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Interior SSD Mounting The NZXT S340 has a pair of drive trays that are meant for a pair of SSD's, or at least a pair of 2.5" hard drives. Each of these drive trays are removable simply by removing the single thumb screw and sliding it off of the catches. There is a cutout behind the drive trays to run the SATA cable and power cable through. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Motherboard Tray The back of the motherboard tray has a number of spots that are ideal for cable management. Each of these spots allow you to run a zip tie through to secure the wires. NZXT has done a great job of making cable management easy enough for anyone to do. NZXT S340 Accessories While the NZXT S340 SSD drive trays are easily accessible through the main side panel, the 3.5" hard drive cage is somewhat less accessible. Though you only need to open up the other side of the S340 to access them. NZXT S340 Accessories Tucked into the NZXT S340 HDD cage, is the box of accessories. NZXT S340 Accessories It's not a super exciting box of accessories, but there isn't much that's needed for the NZXT S340. Included in the accessory box is a handful of screws of various sizes. There is a couple of 6-32 hexagon head screws, 6-32 phillips head screws, some M3 x .5 screws, and a standoff with a thumb piece to tighten in. NZXT also included a handful of zip ties to assist in the cable management.

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower PC Chassis Build Experience

NZXT S340 Motherboard Installation Once it time to build a system in the NZXT S340 chassis, I decided to use an ASUS X99-Deluxe motherboard. The black and white combination on the ASUS X99-Deluxe would look sharp in the S340. Installing the motherboard was a breeze, the I/O shield snapped into place with ease, just as it should. All of the standoffs on the motherboard tray were spot on and lined up perfectly. The NZXT S340 will support a motherboard up to a full size ATX board, and down to a mini-ITX. This gives you endless possibilities for motherboard choices. The full ATX ASUS X99-Deluxe definitely fills up the motherboard tray without much room to spare. NZXT S340 Motherboard Installation Taking a little bit closer look at the bottom edge were the ASUS X99-Deluxe and the NZXT S340 meet, there certainly isn't much room to spare. NZXT S340 Power Supply Installation The power supply is easy to install. The cover comes off of the back of the NZXT S340 and the power supply slides right in. I opted to put the PSU bracket on after installing the Corsair HX750, but it can be put on prior as well. nzxt-s340-mid-tower-front-radiator Installing the rest of the components for the system was a breeze. The Corsair H100i mounted into the NZXT S340 with no issues whatsoever. All of the holes on the front of the chassis lined up perfectly and made installing the radiator a cake walk. NZXT S340 Build Log The cover that NZXT has built into the S340 between the radiator and motherboard, really does a great job of cleaning up the inside of the case. All of the wires that are running from behind the motherboard tray are covered up and nearly invisible. If it weren't for the multicolored ATX power wires, the wiring would nearly blend in.  NZXT S340 Cable Management While the wiring job on the inside of the NZXT S340 looks nice and clean, the back of the motherboard tray looks like a bit of a rats nest. Despite the look, all of the wires are run and everything is plugged in and the system can be fired up. NZXT S340 SSD Installation The SSD fit into the drive tray without any issues, the four screw holes lined up perfectly with the Corsair SSD. NZXT S340 SATA Power Cable Clearance The build wasn't completely without issues. The cut out behind the SSD's is a little farther away from the SSD than I would have like to see. The SATA cable doesn't have any issues, but the power cable has some pressure on it from the chassis. nzxt-s340-sata-power-clearance-2 The wires on the power cable come out of the bottom of the plug and run into the chassis. You can see from the above picture that the plug is being pushed up by this rather than fitting nicely. If I were leaving this build together, I would have to come up with a better plan.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis It's been awhile since I've gotten my hands on a Chassis to review, I'm glad I was able to get my hands a little dirty with the NZXT S340 mid tower chassis. It is a great case especially considering that the NZXT S340 is available for only $69.99 shipped! Not only is the NZXT S340 a sleek looking body for a PC build, the NZXT S340 has the quality that rivals some of the top chassis's that I've had the pleasure of working with. NZXT sent over the white version of the S340 that is sold under part number CA-S340W-W1, but that isn't the only version available. NZXT also has an all black version, black and blue, and a black and red versions. If I had to pick a personal favorite I think it would be a toss up between the white, and the black and red versions. [gallery ids="159639,159640,159641"] Every time I put together a system, there is almost always a hitch in the build. While 99% of the build with the NZXT S340 went off with out issue, I do have a little bit of an issue with the SSD location. Perhaps more accurately the location of the clearance locations for the SATA cables. NZXT S340 SATA Cable Clearance Issue Looking at the picture above, the SATA power cable is being forced up by the chassis. The wiring for the plug is coming out of the bottom of the plug on the Corsair HX750. There are a couple of ways I could remedy this if I were leaving this build together. One option would be to increase the size of the opening, another option for those who aren't fans of modding a case would be to find a power supply that has the SATA cables orientated differently. This little issue is certainly no deal breaker, just more of a little annoyance to me. One aspect of the NZXT S340 that I'm still torn on is the elimination of the optical drive bay. While I don't use the optical drive in my system very often, it does come in handy from time to time. By eliminating it though, NZXT did open up quite a bit of real estate inside the chassis and not having that bulky drive cage really gives it a nice clean look. As long as you don't mind not having an optical drive this is a non-issue and it won't be missed. Outside of the SSD SATA power and the lack of an optical drive, I can't find anything else I don't like about the NZXT S340! The build quality is top notch, despite carrying a price tag of only $69.99, the S340 doesn't have that low cost feel to it. Some PC chassis in this price range have an incredibly flimsy feel to them, the NZXT S340 felt very solid and well built. LR Recommended Award Legit Bottom Line: If you're in the market for a high quality PC case that doesn't break the bank, the NZXT S340 is one that should absolutely be on the top of your short list!