Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC Case

When Corsair releases a case, they watch which features are popular and incorporate those into their next case line.  When they released the Graphite 600T the side panels and the front I/O cluster were hits, however it was only a mid-tower with customizable interior to fit larger than normal systems in a mid-tower case.  Taking the side panel style and front I/O cluster, Corsair expanded that into a full tower case and provided some additional popular features such as hidden 2.5" hard drives, large liquid cooling radiator support and an updated design.  Corsair sent over the White model of the Graphite 780T for us to take a look at.  Let's take a quick look at some of the features before we get to unboxing their latest case. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Full Internally, the Corsair Graphite 780T supports up to six 3.5" hard drives, and two 5.25" devices.  For 2.5" drives, there are three hidden trays behind the motherboard tray, which allows for over nine hard drives without converting the 5.25" device bays to hard drive storage.  The storage options are nearly limitless in this case. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-25-Trays Measuring 27.13in x 13.07in x 26.38in, this is a very large case, as a full tower it can support the largest components.  The motherboard alone supports E-ATX and Xl-ATX, for graphics card it'll take the longest of cards, supporting up to 14" video cards without removing the 3.5" hard drive cages.  Cooling options are varied between air cooling and liquid cooling; there is room for up to nine 120mm fans, or liquid cooling radiators from 120mm to 360mm (two locations can support 360mm radiators). 780T_AIRFLOW Corsair has followed their standard pricing model for the Graphite 780T, with three models available, the White (CC-9011059-WW), and Yellow (CC-9011064-WW) models have a suggest retail price of $189.99, while the Black (CC-9011063-WW) model has a list price of $179.99.  All of which are easy to find at various online retailers and they all come with a 2-year warranty from Corsair. Features and Specifications: The stunning Graphite Series 780T Full-Tower PC case can satisfy the most hardcore gamer or overclocker with ample room for nine drives and nearly a dozen large cooling fans. Are you interested in water cooling? You’ll appreciate the generous space for dual 360mm radiators. And, you’ll get everything done faster: the 780T offers easy maintenance shortcuts like tool-free removal of side panels, hard drives, and graphics cards. A three-speed fan control button and generous options for peripheral connections make the front-panel a true time saver. Dual 360mm radiator support Does your next dream build demand state of the art cooling? The 780T has you covered. Of course, if your heat transfer needs are a little more down-to-earth, 120mm and 240mm cooling goes in just as easily. Front-panel three-mode fan controller Power is nothing without control. You can be the judge of the optimal noise and cooling ratio. The three-step LED gauge tells you exactly where you’re at: one bar for surfing the web, and three when you’re pushing your GPUs hard.
Graphite 780T Specifications
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 11.3kg24.91lbs
Color Black (CC-9011063-WW)Yellow (CC-9011064-WW)White (CC-9011059-WW)
Form Factor  Full Tower
Dimensions 689mm x 332mm x 670mm or 27.13in x 13.07in x 26.38in
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX
Maximum GPU Length 355mm
Maximum CPU Height 200mm
Maximum PSU Length 260mm
Expansion Slots 9
Drive Bays (x2) 5.25in; (x3) 2.5in; (x6) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
Material Steel
Power Supply ATX (Not Included)
External Connections (x2) USB 2.0; (x2) USB 3.0; (x1) Fan Controller; (x1) Headphone Port; (x1) Microphone Port
Fan Mount Locations Front: (x3) 120mm or (x2) 140mm Top: (x3) 120mm or (x2) 140mm Rear: (x1) 120/140mm Bottom (x2) 120mm
Fans Included Front: (x2) 140mmRear: (x1) 140mm
Radiator Mount Locations Front: 240/280/360mm Top: 240/280/360mm Rear: 120/140mm Bottom 240mm
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110
  Now that we know a little about the Corsair Graphite 780T Full Tower case, let's take a look at the packaging before taking a close look at the case.

Graphite 780T Packaging

As is very common, the Corsair Graphite 780T has been packaged in plain cardboard, which is more than sufficient for purchases made online or in specialty stores where users already have an idea of what they are looking for.  Corsair does a good job at providing enough information on the case listing out the features and specifications in multiple languages.  In addition, the front of the case provides a nice view of the case.  Taking a close look at the packaging, we see there is a good amount of shipping damage to the box.  The top left corner has been severely crushed, like it was dropped on the corner, while the right corner is only slightly damaged. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Packaging-Front The back of the box, Corsair goes a little further by providing an exploded view of the case along with identifying each of the major parts.  The bottom half of the back presents the same information from the front in four additional languages (total of 6 languages).  Taking a look in the top left corner (top right corner on the front), we can see the crushing damage that the case took has even split the cardboard. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Packaging-Back The sides of the box provides a list of the specifications in multiple languages.  There is also a picture of the case at the bottom that shows the dimensions of the case. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Packaging-Sides Opening the box, we find that Corsair has packed the Graphite 780T in a standard manner.  The case has been placed inside a soft cloth bag and then surrounded on two side by this Styrofoam blocks.  With the amount of damage done to the box, we find the Styrofoam blocks have broken on both sides, with one side being more severe.  Did the case get any damage?  We'll see in just a few minutes. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Packaging-Internal Packed in typical Corsair manner, the included accessories are packed in individual ziploc bags and placed inside a small cardboard box.  The accessories include four zip ties, four long fan screws, four SSD panhead scews, one additional motherboard standoff, ten motherboard/hard drive screws, sixteen short fan screws, and twenty-eight SSD screws.  In additional a simple user manual is included that provides a list of these accessories and an exploded view of the case. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Packaging-Accessories  

Graphite 780T External Impressions

First, oh man are white cases impossible to get great pictures with a white studio backdrop!  As we mentioned earlier, the Graphite 780T is available in three colors, White (CC-9011059-WW), Black (CC-9011063-WW) and Yellow (CC-9011064-WW).  The White and Yellow has a retail price of $189.99, while the Black is slightly cheaper at $179.99.  The frame of the Graphite 780T is steel, while the external shell is plastic.  Overall, the 780T measures 689mm x 332mm x 670mm (27.13in x 13.07in x 26.38in) and weighs 11.3kg (24.91lbs).  It has a distinctive style to the case with curved edges, and unusual side panels.  The front panel includes two 5.25" device bays, and a large wire mesh area.  Let's take a closer look at the outside of the case before opening it up. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Full The majority of the front panel is a wire mesh to provide a large amount of airflow into the case. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Front-Bottom As we have seen from Corsair in the past, the wire mesh area is held in place by two push clips.  When the mesh is removed, we can see that Corsair has installed a simple filter to help keep dust out of the case.  Behind the mesh we find the two included 140mm fans, which are models A1425L12S-2-L  which has speed of 1,000RPM, pushing 54.0CFM at 20dBA, and includes LED's.  If preferred, these could be swapped out for three 120mm fans. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Front-Bottom-No-Filter The main side panel has a handle at the top rather than the back.  This allows the side to open by pulling the panel down instead of out.  The window on the side panel measures 15.5in x 14.0in (W x H).  It is large enough to allow for a nearly unobstructed view of the motherboard components, and most of the 3.5" drive trays.  The power supply is hidden behind the panel.  Around the edge of the door is a gap, which initially made me wonder if the panel had gotten damaged in shipping, so taking a closer look at the pictures provided by Corsair, I can see the gap is intended. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Window The back panel we find nothing unique, everything we expect to find on an enthusiast level case.  A standard ATX power supply opening is found at the bottom, with nine expansion slot covers next to that.  Above the expansion slot covers is two liquid cooling tube holes, and a Kensington cable lock slot.  The standard exhaust fan is a 140mm AF140L, with the motherboard I/O key below the fan.  Finally, at the top of the case is a large vented area, which while it isn't large enough for a fan, it does provide some additional airflow and space for liquid cooling radiators. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Back On the right side panel, we find the same kind of fold down door as the other side.  However, this one is solid. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Back-Side Taking a look at the top panel, we find the typical front I/O cluster, which includes two USB 2.0, two SuperSpeed USB 3.0, headphone, microphone ports, power and reset buttons.  In addition, there is a three speed fan controller built into the Graphite 780T, which is a nice addition with the number of possible fan locations.  The rest of the top panel is a wire mesh area that can be removed by pressing down at the front of the mesh area. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Top With the wire mesh removed, we can see the top portion of the frame.  Here, there is room for three 120mm or two 140mm fans. Liquid cooling options here can support up to a 360mm radiator. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Top-No-Filter Switching focus to the bottom of the case, we can see the two large feet on the Graphite 780T has anti-slip rubber feet attached.  The bottom is covered in filters, which can be removed. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Bottom The bottom filters slide out the front or back of the case, depending on which one you wish to remove.  These filters measure 11in x 5.5in. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Bottom-Filter-Removal With the filters removed, the bottom frame is visible.  While part of it will be used for the power supply air intake, the front portion is covered by the hard drive cage base.  That leaves room for a 120mm fan, unless you remove the hard drive cage base. Corsair-Graphite-780T-External-Bottom-No-Filter  

Graphite 780T Internal Impressions

Removing the side panels is a little different than most cases.  Most cases the panels come off by pulling it away from the side of the case, the 780T side panels are removed by pulling downward from the top of the case.  The internal has been painted black which provides a nice contrast against the white exterior of the case.  Taking a close look at the motherboard tray, Corsair has preinstalled the motherboard standoffs, with one of them having a large guide to make sure the motherboard is in the proper position.  For cable management, there are four vertical and two horizontal holes to route cables. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-Full-View In the lower right corner of the front are two hard drive cages, each cage will support up to 3 drives.  These cages use a tray design which is very common; squeezing the ends together release the clips that secure the trays to the cage.  While Corsair has placed these cages on the bottom, they could be moved up and hung under the 5.25" bays allowing for additional cooling to be installed on the bottom.  Otherwise, the cages could be removed entirely which would allow the front panel to have up to a 360mm radiator installed on the front.  One thing I quickly learned when looking to remove the 3.5" drive cages, Corsair has secured them to the frame through the front panel.  In order to remove the cages, you'll have to remove the front intake fan long enough to remove a screw (and replace the screw if just moving the cage to the top). Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-35-Cages On the bottom of the case, we find plenty of room for large power supplies.  There are four risers to raise the power supply off the bottom of the case, and thankfully Corsair has installed anti-vibration rubber feet for the power supply to rest on.  If a standard (short) power supply is used, there is room to install a 120mm fan without removing the 3.5" drive cages.  If you do remove the drive cages, two 120mm fans or up to a 240mm radiator can be installed.  There is also a large hole here to allow the power supply cables to be routed behind the motherboard tray. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-Bottom The back panel there isn’t anything unusual after looking at the back from the exterior.  The nine PCI expansion slot covers are vented, and secured to the case with thumbscrews.  Right next to the power supply, above the PCI expansion slots are the two external liquid cooling holes, and the a Kensington lock slot.  The included 140mm fan is a A1425L12S-2 which has speed of 1,000RPM, and pushing 54.0CFM at 20dBA. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-Back At the top of the case, we find plenty of room to install fans or liquid cooling.  Three 120mm or two 140mm fans could be installed here.  However, as the case is an enthusiast level case, liquid cooling is more likely, up to a 360mm radiator can be installed. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-Top Turning our attention to the back of the motherboard tray, we find the usual suspects.  Corsair has included ten cable tie locations to secure the cables out of the way.  As the bottom is indented a little, there is approximately 1.5" of space for cables, while behind the motherboard tray just a little over 1" of space is available. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-Back-Side-Full On the back side, there are three 2.5" drive trays that use a familiar tool-less locking design, which we have seen on the Corsair Graphite 760T.  While this is a great way to provide a place for 2.5" drive to be installed, it does lead to a small issue.  If you fill each of these trays with drives, when you need to change any of the 3.5" drives, you will need to remove a 2.5" drive in order to connect the SATA power and data cable. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Internal-25-Trays The trays easily lift out by pressing in on the finger hold.  This makes it convenient when building the system.  If taking the system to a LAN party and plan to have the back panel off, the trays can also be secured to the case to provide a little security. Corsair Graphite 760T Internal 2.5 Tray  

Graphite 780T Hardware Installation

Even though the Graphite 780T is designed to fit almost all sizes of motherboards, installing a standard ATX board looks small inside this case.  You have access to all six cable management holes with room to spare.  Above the motherboard there is approximately 3.5" of space to install liquid cooling radiators and fans.  If you estimate 2" of that for fans in a push/pull configuration, that still leaves room for 1.5" thick radiator.  As for the video card, I doubt any video card wouldn't fit, even with the 3.5" drive cages in place as there is 4.5" of space between the edge of the motherboard and the drive cages. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Complete During the build phase, I thought it would be good to remove one of the drive cages, in the process I learned that not only is it secured by two screws inside the case to the other drive cage, but Corsair has also secured it to the frame with another screw.  This isn't a bad thing, however it is annoying to have to remove the fan to remove the screw.  Simple to do, just a couple additional steps to do and one that might confuse people if they weren't aware of the screw. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Drive-Cage-Screw The tool-less trays used by Corsair are easy to install the drives.  For the 3.5" hard drives slightly bend the tray to allow the 3.5" drive to pop into place.  For the 2.5" drive tray, a little pressure on the secure clip will allow the drive to slide into place.  The downside to the 2.5" tray, is that it is designed for 9mm height drives, if you have a drive that is less, there will be some movement.  While this isn't a problem for SSD's, if you install a thin mechanical drive it might vibrate a little. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Drives On the back panel, there are plenty of places to use cable ties to secure the cables out of the way.  While this isn't the best that could be done, all the cables are secured and out of the way.  Even with the clump in the middle using a velcro tie the back panel swings into place without any issues.  If you decide to install a CPU cooler after the motherboard is in place, that shouldn't be an issue as there is plenty of room to access the CPU cooler holes. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Complete-Back For the hidden 2.5" drives, we installed two SSD's and a mechanical drive.  For SSD's the install is flawless, as there is no moving parts it doesn't matter that there is some extra room if the drive is slim (7mm).  However if you decide to install a 2.5" mechanical drive you can run into some movement issues, the drive that we happened to install is a slim Seagate drive and it moves around a little in the 2.5" tray.  Understandably, most people won't be installing mechanical drive in a system like this, just felt it should be noted. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-25-Drives The front panel has some lights that we did not mention before as it was difficult to point out.  With the system completely built, we can turn it on and see the lights.  At the very top, above the 5.25" drive bays there is a little LED lit area.  In addition, the two front fans have white LED's, which looks sharp against the black front panel. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Front-LED

Corsair Graphite 780T Final Thoughts and Conclusions

When it comes to full towers there are many options to choose from, while many people are focusing on going to smaller systems, there is a large portion of the enthusiast world that stays with full towers for the extra room.  In this extra room, they install multiple video cards, large liquid cooling systems, and multiple hard drives.  The Corsair Graphite 780T meets all these needs, with support for 355mm (14in) long video cards, and that's before removing the 3.5" drive cages.  Liquid cooling options include multiple locations to install up to 360mm long radiators.  As for storage space, six 3.5" drives and three 2.5" drives can be installed, or if you prefer those 3.5" drives can be replaced with 2.5" drives.  On the front panel we find the usual items that include dual USB 2.0, dual SuperSpeed USB 3.0, three speed fan controller and two 5.25" device bays. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Window If you are concerned about the build quality of the Corsair Graphite 780T, you shouldn't be.  Corsair has taken every opportunity to ensure the build quality is exactly what you expect from a company with Corsair's reputation.  There are no sharp corners, and the accessory pack includes everything necessary to install a complete system.  Rather than the doors swinging out from the side panel, these fold down, which isn't very common. Corsair slightly redesigned the doors from the 600T.  It does leave a little gap around the edges, which would be nice if Corsair took a closer look at that to lessen the gap.  Otherwise, it would be hard to find anything that needs to be improved. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Side-View-Window There is around 1" of space behind the motherboard tray for cable management, so it can take a little work to get it done correctly.  However, at the bottom behind the power supply there is closer to 1.5" of space so that can provide some extra room for cables.  The hidden 2.5" drive trays are well placed out of the way, however in order to access the connections on the 3.5" drive cages you'll have to remove the 2.5" drive trays first.  If the 3.5" drive cages are removed, you can see the 2.5" drives from the front side, and keep the cable connections hidden behind the motherboard tray. Corsair-Graphite-780T-Build-Complete-Back There are three models of the Graphite 780T currently available, White (CC-9011059-WW), Yellow (CC-9011064-WW) and Black (CC-9011063-WW), White and Yellow have a suggested retail price of $189, while the Black version is slightly cheaper at $180 shipped, which keeps it in line for a full tower case of this quality and feature set.  In addition, it includes Corsairs 2 year warranty, so overall; this is a good buy if you like the design and the inside meets your build needs. LR Recommended Award Legit Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a full tower, there isn't anything not to like about the Corsair Graphite 780T.  It can fit the largest systems with room to spare.  In the additional space, you can install liquid cooling radiators in multiple locations.  With a three speed fan controller to keep the noise level down when the fans don't need to run at high speed.