AMD just sent over word that Catalyst 13.1 is now available on their site and you can download it here. When using AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series the new Catalyst 13.1 driver brings performance up as much as 25% in Far Cry 3, 15% in Battlefield 3. In addition to the performance gains, there are a number of resolved issued from Catalyst 12.10.

AMD Catalyst 13.1

Performance Highlights of AMD Catalystâ„¢ 13.1 (vs. AMD Catalyst 12.10): Includes all of the performance improvements found in AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 11

  • Performance gains seen on the entire AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series:
  • Improves performance in Far Cry 3 (up to 25% with 8xMSAA, SSAO enabled @ 1600p, and up to 15% with 8xMSAA, HDAO enabled @1600p) (AMD Catalyst 12.11 CAP2 must also be installed)
  • Improves CrossFire scaling performance in Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • 10%-15% more performance in Battlefield 3 in most cases
  • More than 20% in certain missions and sequences (Comrades)
  • Up to 7% more performance in Metro 2033
  • Up to 10% more performance in DiRT Showdown
  • Up to 8% more performance in Sleeping Dogs
  • Up to 12% more performance in Civilization V
  • Up to 10% more performance in StarCraft II
  • Up to 8% more performance in Sniper Elite: V2
  • Improves performance up to 5% in Max Payne 3