Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower PC Case

Recently we had the opportunity to look at Phanteks low cost full tower case, the Enthoo Pro.  Now, Phanteks is following up with a higher end Enthoo model, the Luxe.  There are similarities between the Pro and Luxe, along with multiple differences.  Phanteks takes care in making sure that the features the enthusiasts want in a case are provided; this includes multiple cooling options, ranging from air cooling to liquid cooling.  Then Phanteks goes a step further and adds features to make their cases stand out. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Full-View The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is available in two colors, Black (PH-ES614L-BK) and White (PH-ES614L-WT) both of which can be found online for around $149.99 with free shipping.  The Luxe includes easily removed fan filters, a stealth interior which hides the 3.5" drive bays, a standard front I/O cluster, Phanteks 5 year warranty, and many other options which we will take a look at. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Fan-Hub-and-SSD Phanteks has included a couple of add-ons with the Enthoo Luxe.  The first is a PWM fan hub controller, that can control up to eleven fans using an optional Y cable.  This allows for multiple cooling options to be controlled by the PWM function on the motherboard.  Speaking of the cooling options, the Luxe can support up to ten 120mm fans throughout the case!  However, as liquid cooling is very popular, they have also included support for radiators in four locations, which includes support for a 420mm radiator at the top.  Next, they have included two brackets on the back of the motherboard tray to hide two 2.5" drives, utilizing the space wisely rather than leaving it as unused space. Luxe-Lights-Red For the Luxe, Phanteks has included some lighting around the top and front edges.  Using their LED strips and an integrated light controller, the user can select between ten colors to meet their specific tastes. [youtube][/youtube] Features and Specifications Appearance: Cooling: Functionality:
Black White
Model No. PH-ES614L_BK PH-ES614L_WT
Case Specification
Dimension 255mm x 560mm x 550mm (W x H X D)10.0in x 22.0in x 21.65in (W x H x D)
Form Factor Full Tower Chassis
Material(s) Aluminum faceplates, Steel Chassis
Motherboard Support ATX, EATX, uATX, mATX, SSI EEB
Front I/O 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Mic, Headphone
Side Window Yes, split-window design
PSU Cover Yes
Expansion & Drive Bays
Expansion Slots 8
External 5.26" 3
Internal 3.5" 6 (2x 3HDD cages)
Internal 2.5" 8 (2x 3HDD cages + 2x SSD brackets)
Cooling 120mm fan 140mm fan 200mm fan
Front 2x 2x 1x (included)
Top 3x 3x (1x included) 1x
Rear 1x 1x (included)
Bottom 2x 1x
HDD 2x
Liquid Cooling 120mm Radiator 140mm Radiator
Front Up to 240 -
Top Up to 360 Up to 420
Rear 120 140
Bottom Up to 240 140
Graphic Card 347mm; 338mm minus reservoir diameter (reservoir bracket installed); 472mm (without HDD Cages)
CPU Cooler 193mm
Cable Management 27mm (39mm at PSU area)
Radiator (Top) 65mm to Motherboard
Packaging Information PH-ES614L
Package Dimension 325mm x 635mm x 632mm (WxHxD) or 12.8in x 25.0in x 24.88in (WxHxD)
Net Weight 13.9Kg or 30.64lbs
Gross Weight 16Kg or 35.27lbs
Length 5 Years Limited
  Let's take a look at how Phanteks has packaged the Enthoo Luxe, then we will get to looking at what makes the case stand-out.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Packaging

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Packaging-Box-Front In lower end cases we have become accustomed to cases to be shipped in plain brown boxes.  With the Enthoo Luxe being a high end case, it is nice to see Phanteks ship it in a high quality, full color box.  Does it add anything to the quality of the case?  No, its just a pretty box that most will end up throwing out anyways; in a retail setting the packaging will catch users eyes and give them the sense of getting something expensive.  The front gives the model name and a quick view of the case. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Packaging-Box-Back Turning the box around to the back, we find a well detailed presentation of the key features that includes a snapshot of three of the LED colors, an interior view that includes the front and back side of the case. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Packaging-Box-Sides On the sides of the box is where we find the usual list of features and specifications.  On one side, the key features are listed in multiple languages, while the other side presents the specifications. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Packaging-Internal Opening the box for the Enthoo Luxe, we weren't expecting to find an extra piece of Styrofoam protecting the front bezel.  With the extra piece removed, the packaging follows how we expect cases to be shipped.  Two large pieces of sturdy Styrofoam fit the top and bottom of the case and keeps it well protected. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Packaging-Accessories With the Enthoo Luxe, Phanteks has included a large number of accessories.  A well detailed user manual, liquid cooling pump bracket (rubber backed), and a reservoir bracket.  To secure cables, two velcro type cable ties and ten standard zip ties.  Inside their plastic accessory box, the number of screws included was surprising.  Here we find the screws neatly separated so they are extremely easy to use.  Eight for a reservoir, twelve for hard drives, twenty-three for motherboard/optical device/SSD, ten long fan screws, twelve standard fan screws, two additional standoffs, two for the velcro straps, three for the reservoir bracket, three additional thumbscrews, five for the pump bracket, and five for power supply/other brackets.  That's a lot of screws for one case!

Enthoo Luxe External Impressions

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Full-View The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is currently available in two models, the black model is available as part number PH-ES614L_BL, while the white model is PH-ES614L_WT.  The side panels and frame are steel, while the front panel is aluminum.  The overall dimensions of the Luxe is 235mm x 560mm x 550mm (WxHxD), or 9.25in x 22.05in x 21.65in (WxHxD) and weighs in at 13.9Kg (30.64lbs).  The front panel is slightly raised from the main part of the case to provide a wide track for some lighting highlights around the top panel and the front panel. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-525-Bays At first glance, it appears there are four 5.25" device bays, however the top bay opens to reveal the standard front I/O cluster.  The front I/O cluster includes dual SuperSpeed USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0, Headphone/Microphone jacks, reset and light control.  The bay covers are solid, with a finish that makes them look like they are part of the case. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Front-Intake Below the 5.25" device bays is a large area that is partially recessed with wire mesh, and has a raised portion that has the same finish as the rest of the case.  This is a nice change to the way front intakes are usually just wire mesh, it looks great on the Enthoo Luxe. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Side-Window On the side, we find a large window and a smaller window.  The large window will provide an unobstructed view of the motherboard and its components, while the smaller window doesn’t really provide a view of anything other than Phanteks nameplate. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Back On the back of the case we find the usual items, a large 140mm exhaust fan, which can be repositioned or changed for liquid cooling, eight PCI expansion slots and the standard power supply mount. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Side-Back On the back side panel, we find a solid panel.  Nothing surprising here, like the windowed side, it is held in place with two thumbscrews and a small handle is provided to swing the panel out for removal. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Bottom-Filter Flipping the case on it’s side, we take a closer look at the bottom.    Here we can see that the case rests on six large feet that have anti-slide rubber attached.  In addition, the feet are molded to the bottom frame so they won’t break off very easily.  The bottom fan locations are filtered, the power supply filter measures approximately 7in x 6in, while the front filter is much larger at 13in x 6in. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Bottom-No-Filter The bottom filters easily slide out, and we are left with the large holes in the bottom of the case to allow airflow.  If desired you can install a pair of 120mm fans, or one 140mm fan.  Liquid cooling users can place up to a 240mm radiator (which includes a small 120mm or 140mm radiator). Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Top The top panel has a large portion of it vented to provide airflow for top mounted fans or liquid cooling.  This vented area measures 17.25in x 6in, and can be removed by pressing at the back section to release two clips.  In the middle of the case at the front is the power button. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Top-No-Filter With the top vented panel removed we can see the included 140mm fan.  There is plenty of room for additional cooling, the Enthoo Luxe supports up to three 120mm or 140mm fans, or one 200mm.  Another option is to install liquid cooling, which can support up to a 420mm radiator! Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Top-Filter Taking a look at the back side of the top panel's removable wire mesh, we find that there is a plastic support frame and simple filter installed on the bottom side.  If placing fans or liquid cooling on the top panel, most will use it as an exhaust rather than an intake.  With that in mind, the filter provides a barrier to keep small particles from falling into the case regardless of whether you install anything at the top. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Top-No-Bezel To help with installation, the entire top panel can be removed.  The front panel snaps into the top panel, so the front panel will need to be removed before removing the top panel, otherwise you might damage the snap in clips. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Bottom-Front-Filter When the front bottom filter is installed correctly, it looks like it is part of the case.  It slides out the front of the case making it easy to clean.  The case is high enough off a desk allowing for the filter to be grabbed and slid all the way out.  Putting the filter back in is just as easy as the filter rests on a groove that runs the length of the filter.  The front filter measures approximately 13in x 6in (LxW). Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-External-Bottom-Back-Filter The back filter slides out like the front, however here a little handle is provided that is angled up.  As with the front filter is rests entirely on a groove so it is near impossible to not install it correctly.  The back filter measures approximately 7in x 6in (LxW).

Enthoo Luxe Internal Impressions

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Full Removing the side panels is accomplished by removing two thumbscrews at the back and swinging the back edge of the panel outwards.  It is a very simple design, and is one of my favorite designs for side panels.  On the motherboard tray, there are four small cable management holes (two at the bottom, and two at the top), and three large ones; each of which has a rubber grommet installed to help keep things looking great; there is also a large un-protected hole at the top of the tray; in addition, the power supply cover has an additional cable management hole.  Finally, a large hole in the motherboard tray should provide plenty of access to the back of the motherboard for installing CPU coolers. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-525-Latches The three 5.25" device bays have a tool-less installation using a simple, but effective, clip design that you press a spot to release the locks. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Name-Plate In the lower right corner, we usually find hard drives installed here.  Phanteks has gone the stealth approach to hard drives, they are all located behind this solid plate.  Here Phanteks has installed a simple name badge that can be removed by two small bolt caps. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-PSU-Cover At the bottom, we find a large cover for the power supply.  There is one large hole on the side which has a cable management rubber guard installed.  Otherwise, the back side is open along with the end near the hard drives. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-PSU-No-Cover The power supply cover is removed by three thumbscrews on the back panel, after the thumbscrews are removed, the PSU cover lifts out.  There are three anti-vibration washers that the PSU cover sits on to keep it from vibrating against the bottom panel.  With it out, we can see the bottom of the case.  For the power supply area, there are four rubber feet to reduce the amount of vibration from the fan.  In the review sample, one of the feet was in the wrong location, so before installing the power supply, it was moved.  We are also able to see the large cable management hole that is hidden by the power supply cover. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Back The back panel has the features we expected it to after looking at the case from the outside.   The eight PCI expansion slot covers are held in place with thumbscrews and each of the covers is vented to assist with airflow.   Phanteks has installed a 140mm fan; a PH-F140SP.  It is rated for 1200RPM, pushing 82.1CFM with a noise level of 19dBA.  This same fan is also available in four other models with LEDs.  If the included 140mm fan isn’t the preferred fan, it can be swapped out with either a 120mm or up to a 140mm liquid cooling radiator. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Top-Panel On the top panel, Phanteks has installed a 140mm fan; a PH-F140SP.  It is rated for 1200RPM, pushing 82.1CFM with a noise level of 19dBA.  Two other 140mm fans can be installed, for a total of three 140mm fans.  The 140mm fans can be swapped for 120mm fans, or even one 200mm fan.  For liquid cooling, removing the fan would allow for 420mm radiator to be installed!  That's a lot of cooling potential. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Back-MB-Tray With the back side panel removed, the back of the motherboard tray is visible.  Here we can see that Phanteks has utilized the pre-installed velcro straps to secure the various cables.  Eight of the Phanteks velcro straps are pre-installed, with the additional two, that gives a total of ten velcro straps. Other than the velcro straps if necessary, there are an additional eight spots to use traditional cable ties.  The power supply cover is held on by three thumbscrews, instead of screws used on the Enthoo Pro.  There are two 3.5" hard drive cages which can be removed with a few thumbscrews.  Each 3.5" hard drive cage supports three hard drives, for a total of six hard drives. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-Fan-Hub-and-SSD Phanteks has installed a couple of extra items on the Enthoo Luxe, the first is a PWM Fan Hub by default it will support five fans and the CPU fan.  If you pick up the optional Y cable, that can increase to ten fans plus the CPU fan.  Connecting the main hub cable to the CPU fan header on the motherboard will allow all the fans connected to be controlled as if they were one.  There are two included SSD brackets, we have seen these previously on the Enthoo Pro and were found to be very effective, however you have to use screws to secure the SSD to the bracket.  Once the SSD is secured to the bracket, they easily slide onto the anti-vibration washers to be secured to the chassis. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Internal-HD-Tray There are a total of six trays for hard drives, while they are designed for tool-less 3.5″ drive installation, 2.5″ drives can also be installed with four screws.  To install a 3.5″ drive, there are clips on the side the swing out, then the drive is put into place with two guides to make sure its in the perfect spot, then snap the clips closed.  

Enthoo Luxe Hardware Installation

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Front-Complete-PSU-Cover Whilte installing the system components in the Enthoo Luxe no major flaws stood out.  If you have built a system before, there is nothing here that is dramatically different; the only difference would be needing to remove the power supply cover.  The motherboard standoffs are pre-installed to make things easier.  Cable management is just as easy since Phanteks has pre-installed the velcro straps on the back of the motherboard tray.  While a standard ATX motherboard was installed here, it will accept up to an E-ATX motherboard.  Which means it will also accept long graphics cards up to 347mm (13.6in) without removing any of the hard drive cages.  If you remove the cages, that extends the graphics card length up to 472mm (18.58in).  For cooling, liquid cooling is becoming very popular, up to a 420mm radiator can be installed, or if air cooling is preferred a CPU cooler up to 193mm (7.59in) can be installed. Phanteks-Enthoo-Pro-Build-PWM-Cable When I took a look at the low cost Enthoo Pro, the only bit of concern I had was with the length of the cable for the fan controller.  Sadly, the same concern is on the Enthoo Luxe.  The PWM cable connects to the CPU fan header on the motherboard, out of the various motherboards I have, there seems to be three or four locations the CPU fan header is located.  On the ASUS A88X-Pro motherboard, it happens to be to the lower left of the CPU.  The cable for the controller can’t reach if you go over the top edge of the motherboard, and barely reaches if you go through the cable management holes in the motherboard tray. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-35-drive 3.5″ hard drives slide into the tray without any issues, on the bottom of the tray are two guides that go into the screw holes on the bottom of the drive.  This makes sure the drive is in the right place for the side locks to close without any issues.  If you would prefer to install 2.5" drives, you can use holes in the base of the tray to install 2.5" drives with screws. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Back-MB-Tray Both of the 3.5" drive bays can be removed with just a couple of thumbscrews on the back side.  The hole in the motherboard tray to access the back of the motherboard to install aftermarket CPU coolers appears to be sufficiently large to support most motherboards.  Cable management is easy to do with the pre-installed velcro ties.  If there is a need for additional cable ties, Phanteks has included two additional velcro ties and several zip ties.  There are locations on the back of the motherboard tray to use these if necessary. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Fan-HUB-and-25-Install On the back of the motherboard tray is the PWM Fan Hub and the two hidden 2.5" drive trays.  Here we opted to install both an SSD and a standard 2.5" mechanical hard drive; both can be used in either location.  The 2.5" drives connect to the trays with screws, and then lock into place on the anti-vibration washers. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-2-in-1-ssd One of the optional accessories that Phanteks has made available is a two in 1 SSD bracket.  This can replace the two brackets that is included on the Enthoo Luxe and take the possible two 2.5" drive install to four 2.5" drives!  One thing to note, is that Phanteks lists this as being compatible only with the Primo. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-2-in-1-SSD-Bracket-Installed Since we have the Two in 1 SSD bracket, we went ahead and installed it in the Luxe and replaced the back panel.  It fits without any issues, the back panel goes into place without having to push it.  So while Phanteks doesn't list this as being compatible with the Luxe, we did not have any problems installing it on the Luxe. [gallery ids="150042,150043,150044,150045,150046,150047,150048,150049,150050,150051"] When we took a look at the hidden front panel I/O, one of the buttons was a Light Controller.  As the button is pressed it cycles through the various colors that the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe lights up in.  While these pictures show just one side of the case, the lights are actually on both sides.  Also, if you connect the optional LED strip, the integrated Light Controller will control that as well. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Window-View One last look at the completed build through the side panel window before we move on to looking at various optional accessories available.  Through the window you get a full view of the motherboard and the video card.  The power supply is covered, and there is no view of the hard drives, as they are behind the metal panel inside the case.

Phanteks Optional Accessories

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-All Along with the Enthoo Luxe, Phanteks sent along a set of all the accessories that they offer for their cases.  Some of these accessories are compatible with specific models of the Enthoo cases, while others are universal and would work with any case.  We will take a look at these accessories individually, and point out which ones are for specific Enthoo cases, and which are universal.  Each of these accessories come with a 5 year warranty. SSD Bracket For 1 in One Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-SSD-Bracket This is the SSD bracket that comes with the Phanteks Enthoo cases.  The Luxe has two spots for this bracket, and it comes with two.  While the Pro only comes with one, but has two spots for the bracket.  However, the Primo comes with two of the 2 in One SSD bracket, and still has one spot open for another SSD bracket.  This bracket is currently available under part number PH-SDBKT_01 for $5.99 plus shipping. SSD Bracket for 2 in One Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-SSD-Bracket-2-in-1 This is the "Doublestack" SSD bracket that comes with the Primo.  This is available to add two additional 2.5" drives to the Primo.  Phanteks does not list this bracket as being compatible with the Pro and Luxe cases, as we are currently taking a look at the Luxe, we tried this bracket in both locations, and found no clearance issues.  However, on the Pro, I would use a bit of caution as the back side panel might have issues.  This is available for purchase under part number PH-SDBKT_02 for $6.99 plus shipping. PWM Fan Hub Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-PWM-Fan-Hub The PWM Fan Hub is a universal fan controller that is capable of powering up to eleven 3-pin fans utilizing the PWM function.  Dimensions of the PWM Fan Hub is 38mm x 17.5mm x 46mm (WxHxD).  It can be found online for $14.99 plus shipping under part number PH-PWHUB_01.  Included in the package is a simple user manual, the PWM Fan Hub, velcro pad, four mounting screws, a Hub to MB PWM cable, two 3-pin Y-splitter cables, and a SATA power cable.  With this kit, you are able to control eight fans, Phanteks offers the Y-splitter cable by itself as well for $2.99 plus shipping. 1M and 2M LED Strip Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-LED-Strip The Phanteks LED strips are designed to work in a Phanteks case with a controller to light the interior of the case.  The controller will allow multiple colors to be selected.  The two strips are identical, other than their length.  On the back of the strip, 3M tape has been applied, simply remove the 3M paper and stick the strip where you want it to go.  The strips are waterproof, as the strip is encased in a thick layer of clear rubber.  Currently, this is only compatible with the Enthoo Luxe.  The 1M strip can be purchased for $14.99 plus shipping as part number PH-LEDKT_M1, while the 2M version is $19.99 plus shipping with a part number of PH-LEDKT_M2. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-LED-Strip-Colors Each strip is capable of ten colors, which are:  Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Orange, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Blue and Green. Pump Bracket Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Optional-Accessories-Pump-Bracket The Phanteks Pump Bracket is a near universal bracket for mounting your water pump.  On the back of the bracket, there is some rubber padding to reduce the vibration noise.  This is available online for $6.99 plus shipping under part number PH-PUMBKT_01.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Window-View When Phanteks introduced us to the Enthoo Primo, it was their top of the line case, with a top of the line price tag.  Then they went the opposite direction and released the Enthoo Pro as an entry level case; while it was entry level, they didn't skimp on the features it included.  With the Enthoo Luxe, they went to the mid-range enthusiast case, and once again they did not skimp on the features.  In fact, they took what people loved about the previous Enthoo cases and expanded it with a LED light controller, many cooling options, integrated cable management features and a hidden power supply.  There is very little not to like about this case. Luxe-Lights-Dark-Blue One of the extras that Phanteks has included on the Enthoo Luxe is the integrated LED lights that are on the top and front edges.  The user can select between ten colors using the light controller.  Also, if lighting up the inside of the case is important, Phanteks also has two optional LED light strips which can connect to the light controller on the Luxe.  This ensures the lights on the interior match the lights on the exterior. Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Build-Fan-HUB-and-25-Install The cooling options on the Enthoo Luxe is hard to beat as well.  The cooling options range from multiple locations to install liquid cooling radiators, to a wide range of air cooling options.  To make all fans easy to control, Phanteks includes a PWM fan hub to utilize the PWM functions on the motherboard. In addition to everything that is included on the Enthoo Luxe, Phanteks has made a wide range of accessories available.  These include a Two in 1 SSD bracket, 1M and 2M LED light strips that connect to the integrated light controller, a universal PWM fan hub, and a universal pump bracket.  Many of these can be found for less than $10.00, while the light strips are the more costly accessories priced at below $20.00. Phanteks-Enthoo-Pro-Build-PWM-Cable
Overall, the install went exactly as expected, the only little issue could be with the PWM cable length.  This is the same issue that we encountered on the Enthoo Pro and while Phanteks cannot account for the CPU fan header across every motherboard, a few extra inches of cable or an extension would be helpful.  Unless they make the cable a little longer, if you have issues with the length, there are options, alternative routing of the cable like was done for this installation, or a 12in PWM four-pin fan extension cable can be purchased for $4.93 with free shipping.
For a case that is as well built and feature rich as the Enthoo Luxe, I was expecting a $200 price tag, however the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe can be found online for $149.99 with free shipping and a five year warranty.  That places the Luxe close to the middle of the pack if you just look at price, with everything that Phanteks includes on the Luxe, this is one case that is hard to beat. LR Recommended Award Legit Bottom Line:  Phanteks entered the case market with the Primo and quickly made a name for themselves.  Then the Enthoo Pro showed us what they can do to lower the price.  With the Enthoo Luxe, they still made an incredible case while keeping the price down and didn't cut any corners.  There is plenty of room to fit the largest systems, with plenty of options to keep it cool.  In addition, the ten color LED light controller gives the case a bit of flair at the touch of a button.