LG announced today a new curved 3D OLED TV, the model EA8900.  This 55-inch 1080p OLED TV has a 5-degree curve to give you a movie theatre like perspective, getting rid of perspective distortion from today’s standard non-curved TVs.  LG is the first to announce and display this type of technology, and is planning on having this very 55-inch model available to consumers by holiday 2013.  EA8900 features an ultra thin 4mm thickness with a 0.02ms response time.  I did question availability of additional sizes, but LG will be gauging the interest in strictly the 55-inch model at launch, and assess from there.  Pricing information is not currently available for the EA8900.

LG EA8900 Curved OLED TV

The unique new EA9800 model features the industry’s very first curved screen ergonomic design with full CINEMA 3D support. With a gentle inward flex, the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eyes, removing the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and detail loss. Availability and pricing were not announced.