Sentey Arvina GS-6400 PC Case

Sentey Arvina Mid Tower PC Case

Today we get to look at a case from a relatively unknown company, Sentey. They sent us their newest case offering in their Extreme Division, the Arvina. To be honest, I never really heard of Sentey until recently, but they offer an assortment of products ranging from cases, power supplies, graphics cards, to even coolers. Here’s a little more about Sentey:

Founded in 2005, Sentey is a brand of international scope. America is projected as the leader of computer products to meet the needs of the technology enthusiast. Our organization has a network of strategic operations in the world. Manufacturing Establishment in Shenzen China, Headquarters in Florida  USA and Operations Center in Walnut, California, and the creation of New Distributions Centers in all Latin America, develop the corporate strategies of Presence, Distribution, Sales and Marketing.“

Our aim is to answer to the current demands with innovation and quality, providing value through design and commercialization of first class computing products. Different product lines have the aim of satisfying the needs of the users in order to get the complete computing experience.”

The Sentey Arvina PC Chassis comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. Each comes in at the price of $129.99 and features a state-of-the-art ventilation system for what Sentey considers extreme cooling performance. The Sentey Arvina comes with six cooling fans with three of them positioned to ensure proper air flow inwards, while the remaining three are to remove the hot air produced by different components of the system. All of the cooling fans come equipped with color LED lights and it gives the Arvina a clean, crisp and modern look thanks to the all black interior. The Sentey Arvina GS-6400 PC case is backed by a limited one year warranty, which is on par with the warranty that comes on other cases. Before we dive into the features on the case, be sure to check out the video review on the Arvina PC case that can be seen above. Sentey did the video review, but it gives you a good overview of the chassis and then we can fill in the gaps and give you our independent thoughts on the Arvina. Sentey GS-6400 Arvina PC Case Specifications:
  1. Cooling System
  1. I/O Ports
Sentey GS-6400 Arvina PC Case Features:

Accessories of the Sentey Arvina

Here are the accessories included with the Arvina. I was impressed that they included a small box housing a small screwdriver, an expansion backplate, plastic risers, and the necessary screws and mounts. Also included in the box is a small cloth to wipe off any fingerprints from the case as there WILL be fingerprints. You’ll see why shortly. Then we have a Sata cable with a Sata power cord and the User Manual. Then last, Sentey included a small driver disc for the integrated memory card reader. They only included pamphlets advertising their products and showing the different colors they offer for the Arvina on the front page of one of them.

Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

Front of Retail Packaging of the Sentey Arvina

The Sentey Arvina arrived with a plastic covering wrapped around the box but it was a bit tattered so I removed it before taking a picture. Hopefully the box and the case didn’t take too much of a beating.  

Left Side of Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

Right Side of Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

The Sentey Arvina box took a bit of a beating during the shipping. Hopefully the case itself isn't beat up.  

Sentey Arvina Outside of the Box

Luckily it was packed nicely inside the box. Interestingly enough, instead of plastic wrapping, Sentey wrapped the Arvina in a black cloth-like material (which I thought was a nice look) along with the normal foam packaging.

External Impressions


Front of Sentey Arvina

On front we have the five 5.25” vented drive bays, two of which are for optical drives as they flip down for aesthetics. Everything but the top two bays is vented.

Reverse Side of Front Panel on the Sentey Arvina

Flipping the front panel around we can see the air dust filters behind the bay covers that are removable for cleaning. Also shown is the card reader on top which is connected to the USB header on your motherboard.

Memory Card Reader of Sentey Arvina

Up top on the front panel resides the integrated memory card reader. The Arvina reads most of the major card formats: CF (Compact Flash)/MD (MicroDrive), SD/MMC, XD, MS/M2 (Memory Stick Micro) and TF (TransFlash, aka Micro SD). SDHC memory cards are also compatible. One thing to note is the bottom row of card ports are upside down. So when inserting your card, make sure the sticker side is down and the metal contact side is up.

PCB board of the Card Reader in the Sentey Arvina

I'm not a big fan of how this looks. Granted, it's just fine as is, but I've always liked a reader being protected a bit more than this. Then again, once the panel is attached to the case it will be covered.

External Impressions (Continued)


Top of Sentey Arvina

Onward to the top; we have the mesh panel along with the top I/O panel which is also covered by a transparent plastic sliding cover.

I/O Panel of Sentey Arvina

The cover slides over the 4 USB 2.0, Microphone, HD Audio, e-Sata, and finally an extra Sata port that is also accompanied by a power port that will allow you to plug in a hard drive without the need for an enclosure. In front of those are four fan buttons that turn the fans on and off. Last but not least we have a big hexagonal power button which has a blue backlight when powered up.

Left Side of Sentey Arvina

The side panel is painted glossy black which may or may not suit your interests. I’m not a big fan of glossy paint on PC cases, honestly. It’s hard enough to take a picture without a reflection, but you have the fact that fingerprints will be abundant when handling the Arvina. Also shown is a vented plastic housing that holds the dust filter for the side fans. Located on the end is the locking mechanism to hold the panel in place. Screws can also be used to aid the locking mechanism.

Right Side of Sentey Arvina

Here on the right side of the Arvina is a plain sided panel which is also painted in glossy black, with the locking mechanism on the end.

Rear View of the Sentey Arvina

On the rear we have two tubing outlets in case you want to add a water cooling system. Next is the 120mm fan mount area that sits above the seven expansion slots that also have a tool less locking mechanism. Below those resides the power supply mount area.

Image Description

On the bottom of the Arvina we have six rubber case feet along with vents for the power supply and case. They do have a dust filter installed; however, it isn’t exactly easily removable so if you decide to clean it, you may be blowing dust into the power supply unless you decide to remove the unit entirely. It would have been nice for the filters to be more easily accessed for cleaning. There are screws that appear to be holding the bottom panel on. Removing those should aid in getting to the dust filter.

Internal Impressions


Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Once the side panels were off, I was greeted by an all black interior that is more of a flat color than glossy. Another thing that stood out was a little red tool box that carried the tools needed to mount your hardware. There is enough room for the tool box to reside there even with a power supply installed. The next thing that is noticeable are the removable hard drive mounts which have a black and red color scheme which is also featured on the tool less mechanisms on the 5.32” bays as well as the expansion slots.

Another Inside View of the Sentey Arvina with Fan Mount Open

The one thing that pops out most (literally) are the 80mm fans which swing out. They use a push/release lock so pulling on it first won’t do much other than possibly break the lock.

Hard Drive Cage of the Sentey Arvina

The hard drive cage is easily removable and holds up to five hard drives. In fact, I think it’s too easy to remove it. It does have a “lock” but it barely works. However, it does hold (unless you tip the case on its left side). I'm not sure if this was the intention of Sentey or just the review sample we received.

Side Fan Power Connector of the Sentey Arvina

The Sentey Arvina uses what I would call an innovative way to power the 80mm side fans. As you can see, they don’t exactly connect directly to the motherboard, but are powered when you shut the door when they touch the positive/negative contacts integrated into the case. I do see an issue with this, however. The wires to the fans are soldered to the PCB board which can make it a real pain should you need to replace the fans unless you have soldering skills to negate that. Granted, you could just bypass that altogether but you would lose the clean design Sentey made here.

Motherboard Tray View of the Sentey Arvina

On the other side we get a better look at the cable routing holes on the motherboard tray which is plentiful for a good wiring job. The CPU cutout is a good size -- almost seems bigger than other cases. Up front, you can see more of the red and black color scheme on the hard drive mounts, which also use aluminum on the bottom of each mount. A nice added bonus is that Sentey chose to include some “reusable” cable ties, along with pre-wiring the fans together.

Internal Impressions (Continued)


Top Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Up top we have two 120mm Blue LED fans. Sentey did a nice job on the wire management on these fans, as well as the other fans that are factory installed. Sentey did neglect to advertise the CFM rating on their fans on their website and on the box, unfortunately. There is room to mount a radiator if you chose to do so.

Bottom Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Down below is the power supply mount area. Depending on the size of your power supply, it may be possible to install a 120mm to 140mm fan. Some decent cable routing would be needed to achieve much airflow that way, regardless. They do have a dust filter beneath the vents. It appears the bottom panel is attached by screws so if you’re inclined, you can remove the filters to clean them, or get rid of them altogether.

Left Side Panel View of the Sentey Arvina

Looking at the interior side of the left side panel, there isn’t much to see other than the mounting screws that hold the side plate on for the dust filter. That appears to be the only way to remove the filter for cleaning. It’s not a bad way to hold the filter on, but it certainly doesn't make it easy to clean the filter, either.

Right Side Panel view of the Sentey Arvina

The right side panel is as plain as can be, which is fine since the majority of cases never show the panel anyway. Only noticeable thing is the screws that hold the locking mechanism in place.

Wiring of the Sentey Arvina

Here is the wiring for the Sentey Arvina. Most of it is for the front panel but there are some other areas it comes prewired for. We have the wires for the power LED, power switch, Reset switch, hard drive LED (which are sleeved together), both USB headers, HD Audio, microphone, two Sata cables, and two molex power connectors: one for the external Sata port in front, and the other for the fans. Last, but not least, is the wire for the card reader.

Installing Parts into the Sentey Arvina


Parts Installed in the Sentey Arvina

Installing hardware into the Sentey Arvina was a nice adventure. The routing holes made it rather easy to keep the cabling tidy. Unfortunately, the front panel wires were a bit short so routing them behind the motherboard tray is kind of out of the question. I'd say it would depend on the motherboard used as some are wider than others. The four pin cable for the CPU power was barely able to reach as well, but it did without an issue.

Parts Installed in the Sentey Arvina

Here is how the Arvina looks with the side fans closed. As mentioned earlier, the holder is swung out; there will be no power going to the fans since they use a direct touch method of powering up.

Expansion Slots of the Sentey Arvina

Looking at the back of the Arvina, it’s noticeable that the tool less mechanism for the expansion slots isn’t quite up to snuff as even a 9600 GSO slid down. Whether or not that is a normal occurrence, I don’t like or believe it’s any good for the card even if the card does work still. Depending on how much you move the case, the card may not slide down, but I recommend using screws when installing your GPU’s, especially if they’re of the dual slot kind. Also worth mentioning is that the expansion slot covers are part of the case. Once removed, they are not re-usable which is a shame for a case with an asking price of $130.

Motherboard Tray View with Parts Installed in the Arvina

The Arvina does have a decent cable routing system. I was able to route nearly all of the cables out of plain view even though there isn’t a side window, but it won't block the airflow. It is nice they included some cable ties that can be used over and over (until they break, of course). It wasn’t hard to close the panel with all the cables but it wasn’t like it was a cinch. I’m sure better routing on my part could’ve alleviated that.

Hard Drive Cage of the Sentey Arvina

The hard drives are held in place by two “swinging” nubs on the side of the enclosure. They hold rather well. Also, so no slippage occurs thankfully.

Sentey Arvina Powered up

Once everything is hooked up, the Sentey Arvina lights up nicely with the 6 LED fans going. The fans didn’t have any speed control and they seem to be running at a low speed. They do the job but don’t expect a wind storm. At least it’s not loud on the ears.

Sentey Arvina

Here’s how it looks powered on with the side panel attached.  

Arvina GS-6400 Conclusion


Sentey Arvina

All in all, I liked tinkering with the Sentey Arvina. It has a good amount of room to work with along with a cable routing system that definitely does the job. Other features that stood out were six quiet LED fans that did a decent job of cooling the case and hardware inside even though they don't spin very fast. There were a few things I just couldn’t like, though. One is that the top, side and bottom dust filters aren’t as easily accessible as the front panel filters. You need to unscrew the panels to get to them which is logical to hold the top, side, and bottom panels together to make sure they stay put, but it is an inconvenience to do if you just want to clean the filters. The hard drive cage isn’t totally secure either, which is a bit concerning especially if you loaded it up with hard drives. Then, there are the side fans. While I like the look and innovation that was used to power them, I can't like it in the long run because if they go bad, it's going to be a challenge to replace them the exact way Sentey had installed them. It isn't a huge issue but, nonetheless, it is one. As said, other than those small issues, I like the Sentey Arvina. It’s got a great look with great features. It’s also very roomy, but that is expected with a full tower case. I could be spoiled by using full towers for the last year and a half but still, I thought it was spacious. Right now, the only place online I could find to purchase the Sentey Arvina is through Amazon and eBay for about $130 and they also offer the three available colors. Oddly, it’s the only product I was able to find that Sentey offers in the US at this time. For $130 it might be a bit hard to swallow for some. For the warranty (one year) and features it offers, I’d say that’s a fair price considering they pre-routed the fan wires for you and included an integrated card reader. I also like that while there isn't a side window, the Arvina still lets out a blue glow that isn't too obnoxious. People who don't like LED's might even be attracted to this. The fan controller on top that shuts off the fans is a nice touch. It would have been nicer if it only shut the LED’s off and not the entire fan but they aren’t noisy as the fan speed is relatively low. The Sentey Arvina is an awesome case for those looking for a great look and nice features. I honestly have no problem recommending it to anyone...even to my own mother.
Legit Bottom Line: The Sentey Arvina offers great features and a great look with a spacious interior. Limited availability and for some, being priced around $130 may influence the decision.