This week the news crew at Arizona Republic ran a story about how chip giant Intel was leaving vacant a massive new $5.2 Billion computer-chip factory in Chandler, Arizona. The fab was to begin operations on a process that would allow the chipmaker to create transistors at a size of 14 nanometers at the beginning and then would be getting smaller and more advanced from there. It appears that improved manufacturing efficiencies have allowed Intel to be able to continue to use its existing buildings for 14nm. That means that Intel does not currently have a need to use this building. Intel appears to be maintaining the empty new building and keeping it on the back burner for additional capacity flexibility and future technologies.

Many might remember that President Barack Obama gave a speech at this construction site in 2012 and touted it as a symbol of the future of U.S. manufacturing. It still looks like it will be, but for now the 1 million-square-foot Fab sits empty.