Microsoft recently announced the new generation of Surface devices which include the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, many seemed disappointed that there wasn't a smaller version of the Microsoft Surface on the agenda. It has been expected that Microsoft would bring about a smaller Windows 8 based tablet to compete with the Apple iPad mini, but it looks like a 7.5 inch version of the MS Surface wont happen until possibly the first quarter of 2014, though there is no firm release date just yet. There is speculation about the potential features including 3G/4G which would be a first for the Surface family, while this would certainly be a good choice (at least in my opinion) there is no confirmation at this point.

Microsoft Surface Mini

If the Microsoft Surface Mini does come to fruition, it is expected that the display will boast a resolution of 1440x1050 which if you're not feeling up to doing the math that would be a 4:3 aspect ratio. If and when the Surface Mini hits the streets, it is likely going to be price competitive with the Apple iPad mini which retails for $329.