Ben Goodger, one of the key figures of Mozilla Foundation and a programmer for the Firefox browser, posted about his newly acquired job for the search giant Google in his blog earlier today.

According to the blog post, his goals will remain unchanged at Mozilla Foundation, and he will continue to push and work on the browser?s future versions.

Users and analysts are now hoping for a word from Google about its upcoming plans, since many believe that Google will launch its own browser in the near future. Google, however, declined such speculations and stated that the search giant will create plug-ins or extensions for the Firebox browser to take full advantage of its search technology.

According to numerous industry analysts, this may be the beginning of Google?s branded browser in-the-not-so distant future. Analysts are still a bit skeptical about its success, though. They said Google would have to offer their browser free of charge if they want user interest. And they will have to keep the code as simplified as Mozilla?s Firefox browser.