The Tigas

ABS Tigas

The Tigas is most definitely high end with a price tag of $499 plus shipping, but that is not without reason. The Tigas is a full aluminum all black anodized chassis designed with gaming, multimedia, and storage in mind. For the user that has storage in mind the Tigas has front access to 10 hot-swappable SATA/SAS hard drive bays that have independent power switches to allow the user to have control over what drives power up. The hard drive bays are cooled by 3 front mounted 120mm blue LED 3 speed intake fans, and two 120mm rear exhaust fans. For those with sound issues the Tigas has sound insulation and rubber strips on the side panels to reduce noise. For the gamer with even the most power hungry of components, there is ample space for those components, water cooling tube pass through ports, and even the ability for dual power supply units.

Now before we get too much further let’s look at the specifications for the Tigas.


  • Expansion Slots 8
  • Front Port : 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x 1394A, 1 x e-SATA, HD+AC97 Audio
  • Cooling System
  • Dimensions: 23.3'' x 8.7'' x 23.5''
  • Packaging

    ABS Tigas shipping box

    The Tigas comes in a nice sturdy box sporting a nice image of the case powered up. The sides of the case have the features and specifications listed.

    ABS Tigas packing

    Inside the box we can see the case is packed in the standard way, Styrofoam end caps and plastic wrap.

    External Impressions

    ABS Tigas

    The exterior look of the Tigas is simple. Down the front all you see is the 5.25 drive bays and the door for the hard drive area. This has a nice key lock on it to slow down any would-be thieves from walking up and yanking a drive out of your system when you’re not looking.

    ABS Tigas front I/O ports

    On the top we have the power buttons, small power and hard drive activity LEDs, as well as the front I/O ports behind a trap door.

    ABS Tigas front door

    Looking behind the drive bay door we can see there is room for 10 hard drives. The door also holds three 120mm blue LED fans to cool those drives.

    ABS Tigas side panel logo

    Moving around to the side the only detail on it is the ABS logo engraved into the panel side.

    the back of the ABS Tigas

    On the back of the Tigas, we see that there is a lot going on here. There is the standard rear 120mm exhaust fan, pre-drilled holes for external water cooling lines and vented expansion slot covers.

    rear fan of the ABS Tigas

    Looking closer to the top there is an extra 120mm fan. This provides cooling to a hard drive cage at the top of the case. This also can be removed, along with the drive cage, and a power supply be mounted in its place. More on this later.

    ABS Tigas side panel latches

    In the upper corners are the side panel latches. Each has the ability to have a lock put on them to lock the panel in place.

    opening the ABS Tigas

    To get the side panel off all you have to do is unscrew the latch and pull. This releases the panel and allows you to pull it off.

    ABS Tigas bottom

    Now we have the bottom of the case. I can only assume this panel is used on many cases due to the sheer number of holes in it. The case feet are plastic with foam rubber rings inset in them.

    Moving Inside the Tigas

    ABS Tigas back plane PCBs

    Pulling the side panel off, we can get a look at the inside of the Tigas. Towards the front we have the drive cage back plane PCB’s, and the center video card support. There are 5 molex connectors that power the 10 drives; each drive has its own SATA connector. The center expansion card support may not be able to be used by all. The support parts require it to mate up to the expansion cards PCB. Most cards these days have a housing of some kind enclosing it.

    ABS Tigas PCB for the drive bays

    Behind a cover plate on the right side of the drive cage is the PCB for the drive bay power switches as well as the door fan speed controller.

    ABS Tigas 5.25 bay tool-less rail

    The top 5.25 bays are tool-less. The 5.2 device is held in place with pins, vibration dampening is provided by a rubber pad in the center of the retention bracket.

    ABS Tigas rear 120mm exhaust fan

    Looking to the back we can see the rear 120mm exhaust fan as well as the 7 vented expansion slot covers.

    back side of the ABS Tigas motherboard tray

    With the left side of the case off we can see the back side of the motherboard tray and another removable cover panel like on the right side.

    ABS Tigas wire cover

    This one covers up the front I/O cabling. All the cables are long enough to reach the motherboard connections, except the audio cable. If it could have been another good 6 to 9 inches longer would have been much nicer for achieving the clean look.

    ABS Tigas removable motherboard tray

    The motherboard tray is also removable. This is nice for mounting the motherboard and CPU cooler out of the case.

    ABS Tigas removable hard drive cage

    At the top of the case is a removable hard drive cage. This cage can be used at the top, bottom, or removed completely.

    ABS Tigas removable hard drive cage tray

    Each tray supports both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drives. So if your system has SSDs you have an option available to you for mounting your drive. If you’re wondering to yourself if the tray will work in the front drive bays with a 2.5” drive, no, the drive is centered on the tray, so it will not line up correctly with the back plane connections.

    Installing Parts and Final Thoughts

    ABS Tigas with system installed

    Installing the system into the Tigas was very easy. The cover panels on the sides of the hard drive cage made it nice for running cables through. There is a ton of room in this case, as there should be for a Super Full Tower. Even the ABS 1050W PSU looks small in this case.

    ABS Tigas room to spare

    There are 3.5 inches between the end of my XFX GTX260 and the front hard drive backplane. There is even head room to spare with the very tall Scythe Mugen2 CPU cooler. That's something to say to have head room on an almost 6.5 inch tall cooler.

    Final Thoughts

    ABS Tigas

    The Tigas has a price tag of $499 plus shipping; this officially makes it the single most expensive case ever reviewed at Legit Reviews. Is it worth the price tag? Well that decision is yours and yours alone; budgets may vary. Now, is the Tigas a very well built, classy looking case that has the features that any enthusiast would want in a case for storage, interior space, and the almighty quiet factor? Oh yeah.

    I would liken the build quality to that of my Lian Li PC-A7010 case that has an all aluminum design with 7 hot swap drive bays, classy looks, light, well built, and $300 price tag. The Tigas has it beat with 3 more hot swap bays, and with all ten having front access. This gives me the ability for a whopping 20TB of storage. The Tigas also has the all blacked out interior, more fans bringing air into the case and sound reduction material on the doors. Is this list of better things worth the extra $300? Again that's up to you. Then again there are those that don't think twice about paying that kind of money for the newest video card. I think a case will outlast the lifespan of that video card.

    Installing parts was a breeze, but cable management in the Tigas could be interesting without a modular PSU. The covers on either side of the drive cages do give you some options for running/hiding wires. I would have like to have seen a couple more holes for cable in the motherboard tray for running cable behind it. Also, the length of the front audio cable should be a bit longer. This is an issue starting to come up more and more on large cases, so it’s not just unique to the Tigas. The audio header on most motherboards is on the back of the motherboard near the middle, not down by the USB headers, so it stands to reason the front cable needs to be longer than the others to reach it.

    If you have the funds available to you in our current economy, you can pick up the ABS Tigas only at New Egg for $499 plus shipping.

    Legit Bottom Line: If you have the need for a case with loads of drive space and room for even the largest hardware, and the wallet to handle it, check out the ABS Tigas.