Pokémon Go Ho-Oh Legendary Pokémon in Game Through Dec 12

Pokémon Go players have a slick new Pokémon that they can catch in-game through December 12. This particular Pokémon is one of the two Johto region legendary creatures called Ho-Oh. The arrival of Ho-Oh is to reward players for meeting a goal that has been set for capturing Pokémon in the game.

Players captured 3 billion Pokémon globally and the reward was that Ho-Oh will appear in raid Battles through December 12. Pokémon Go players in the US also had the chance to catch another Legendary creature called Farfetch’d through 5 p.m. yesterday.

Ho-Oh is found in raid battles globally for anyone to catch. Polygon reports that it will be easier to find previous legendary monsters like Entei, Luiga, and Mewtwo as well. These creatures were originally available on a limited basis.

Players will be happy to find more Legendary creatures in the game. A tweet from the official Pokémon Go account read, “Thanks to all your hard work last week, Ho-Oh will appear in Raid Battles until 12/12!”