PNY & XFX GeForce GTX 285 Video Card Reviews

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Box Images

PNY GTX285 Box Image

PNY GTX285 Box images

I normally am not a stickler on boxes but I was a little annoyed with the PNY GTX 285 box. I know it makes financial sense to use one box across many product lines but the stickers applied to the GTX 285 box remind me of the Nvidia G92b GPU relabeling. I’m almost afraid to peel off the sticker and find 9800GTX+ under there.

PNY GTX285 Box Bundle

There is nothing special here, just an audio cable for HDMI passthrough, a DVI to VGA dongle, and your standard TV-out and PCIe power cables.

XFX GTX285 Box Image

XFX GTX 285 Box Back

Unlike the PNY box, the XFX GTX 285 Black Edition has a box that is both sleek and clean. I liked the last Black Edition box I held and XFX has improved it by slimming the dimensions down a bit. This is how a GPU box should be, just large enough to fit the card and accessories.

XFX GTX 285 Box Bundle

XFX GTX 285 Box Bundle 2

The XFX bundle packs a nice punch and helps to justify its slightly higher cost. You’ve got a DVI to HDMI dongle, DVI to VGA dongle, HDMI audio passthrough cable, TV-out adaptor, and a molex to PCIe power cable. To top things off, they have tossed in a copy of Far Cry 2.

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