PNY VERTO GeForce GT 240 Video Card Review

The PNY VERTO GeForce GT 240 is a reference designed graphics card, from cooler to clocks, but using an astoundingly low amount of power. This card uses 96 stream processors similar to that of the original GeForce 9600 GSO, but with fewer ROPs and much more technology packed in its updated GT215 core. Read on to see how well this card performs compared to other cards in its pricing class.

PNY VERTO GeForce GT 240

My favorite part about the PNY GT 240 is that it sips electricity like fine wine at a fancy restaurant, using just 96W at idle, and less than any other card tested at load as well. Performance-wise, this is a reference design card and as such, at stock is out-powered by its older brother, the 9600 GSO 384. Though this is not always the case such as in DirectX 10 based games and benchmarks where the PNY GT 240 takes a slight lead. Not bad considering the card costs just $89.99 shipped after rebate!

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