PlayStation 3 GPU: NV40 and NV50 Hybrid with XDR DRAM, Says Report

“Some peculiarities of the PlayStation 3 graphics processing unit developed at NVIDIA Corp. showed up on the web. It appears, that the visual processing unit will merge NVIDIA?s present and future generation architectures and will have built-in memory controller that supports Rambus? XDR DRAM.

PlayStation 3 GPU Details Materialize

A report over Japanese web-site PC Watch suggests that the PlayStation 3 graphics processing unit will use NVIDIA?s technologies found in the current NV40 generation of its own chips as well as numerous techniques developed for the next-generation part known under NV50 code-name. Still, despite of circuitries of the company?s desktop chips found in the GPU, according to NVIDIA?s chief Jen-Hsun Huang, the PlayStation 3 GPU has nothing to do with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft DirectX or OpenGL and will use Sony?s API for the console. Naturally, the PlayStation 3 graphics processing units supports XDR DRAM memory developed by Rambus. While there is nothing new in Rambus memory for Sony, NVIDIA has never worked with memory by Rambus.”


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