Overwatch’s Moira Has a Strange Run and There’s a Reason for That

Overwatch fans who have played in a game where Moira was a character being used have probably noticed that the character has a strange run. In fact, she runs like the famous anime character Naruto with her hands back behind her body. If you have wondered why the character runs like that, there is a reason.

Overwatch lead writer Michal Chu has talked a bit about why the character has so many anime references in her design. “One thing I would say broadly, the development team, the artists, we’re all big anime fans,” he stated, “I certainly could not deny some of the references in her sprays and stuff.”

Because the dev team are anime fans isn’t the only reason the character runs the way she does. They also say that the special run animation allows players to recognize her from a distance, so they can begin to come up with a plan to fight her.

There are other tidbits Moira does that also reference anime characters other than Naruto. The tweet below shows some of those famous anime characters along with Moira’s related animations.