ooVoo Introduces Intelligent Video for Mobile Video

ooVoo to transform mobile video communication with the introduction of Intelligent Video

ooVoo to showcase Intelligent Video alongside its award winning video chat app at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show

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NEW YORKJan. 5, 2015— ooVoo, the world’s largest independent social video communications platform with over 120 million registered users, will showcase its Intelligent Video platform alongside its highly popular video chat app at CES 2015.

Coming off a record year of user growth, ooVoo’s Intelligent Video platform leverages the massive amount of data generated by the explosion in mobile video to deliver unique insights and engagement that transform the user’s experience.

For its debut of Intelligent Video, ooVoo partners with Affectiva®, the leader in delivering emotion analytics and insight on a global scale. The exclusive partnership allows Affectiva’s Affdex® emotion-sensing technology to be coupled with ooVoo’s high-quality video chat SDK, proving unmatched scale to analyze facial expressions real time to discern a user’s emotions, e.g., whether a person is engaged, amused, surprised or confused. With this layer of emotion measurement, Intelligent Video is poised to transform personal and business interactions, as it enhances mobile video communications with a more engaging and authentic experience.

The market opportunity for Intelligent Video is significant, as individuals seek more intimate relationships with family, friends and social media connections, and businesses look to develop stronger and more nuanced relationships with their customers. The applicability of Intelligent Video will cross a wide range of industries and consumer interactions – from HR recruiting and job interviews, to market research focus groups as well as consumer applications, such as an app that broadcasts the vibe of a chat room.

The company’s first to market Intelligent Video application, Flinch™, is a gaming app available in the US for iOS devices. Flinch incorporates ooVoo and Affectiva’s technology and is a new take on a classic game where users compete against one another in a contest where the app detects who cracks a smile first.

“Intelligent Video delivers powerful new capabilities to the marketplace just as the high-impact trends of video communications, mobility and perceptual computing converge,” said JP Nauseef, Managing Director, ooVoo Labs and Myrian Capital (the direct investment arm of the Mathile Family Enterprise), which counts ooVoo, & Affectiva amongst its investments. “This groundbreaking and exclusive partnership between ooVoo and MIT Media Lab spinoff Affectiva brings together two market leaders to transform mobile video communication with emotion insight.”

“Insight into emotion responses enhances all human interactions. With the massive explosion of mobile video communications, infusing these communications with an emotion intelligence layer adds tremendous value to businesses and individuals alike,” said Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. “With Intelligent Video, powered by Affdex emotion analytics, businesses can incorporate their consumers’ emotion response real-time to design more effective products, advertising and video content, as well as enhance customer service.”

“To date, video communication has really just been about one on one or multiple linear conversations. Intelligent Video will allow us to layer in dynamic interpretations of emotion that will transform how we interact over the internet and how that data can be interpreted or leveraged for building solutions, products, and much more,” said Robert Jackman, ooVoo CEO. “Intelligent Video enables us to understand video interactions with data that can be leveraged at scale across multiple industries.”

Former P&G Global Marketing Officer, Jim Stengel, said: “Intelligent Video is an exciting innovation that will help organizations of all kinds understand people more deeply, and also help people perform their jobs better. With ooVoo as the core technology, researchers and marketers will be able to use video in entirely new ways: to better understand people’s reactions, along with a multitude of other applications. The opportunities for this technology remind me of the early days of mobile technology: the possibilities are practically endless.”

ooVoo at CES 2015
Alongside the award-winning consumer video chat app, the company’s booth (#72264, Tech West, Sands Expo) will showcase various Intelligent Video applications with emotion sensing, depth cameras, avatars and much more, all built on ooVoo’s SuperClear™SDK.

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About Affectiva
Affectiva is the leader in delivering consumer emotion analytics and insights on a global scale. Through Affdex® facial coding and emotion analytics software, the company delivers cost-effective, scalable emotion insight to Fortune 500 companies, market research agencies and entertainment and media publishers. Based on the world’s largest emotion metrics database, their technology has become the standard for real-world accuracy and relevance in consumer insights. For more information, visit www.affdex.com.