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Iometer 2010 1.1.0 RC1

Iometer 2010 (1.1.0 RC1)

Iometer is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems. It was originally developed by the Intel Corporation who has since discontinued work on Iometer and it was ultimately turned over to the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL). You can get a little nuts with the variability of settings in this tool and it can be a bit finicky which is why we normally exclude it. Most readers don’t think in terms of IOPS. As such, we stuck with a few file sizes that reflect many of the transactions we see on consumer machines. 4KB random read/writes are very common on every day user machines as are smaller 512B transactions.

Iometer – Low Queue Depth 4KB Random IOPS:

Iometer QD3 4KB Random Chart

Iometer – High Queue Depth 4KB Random IOPs:

Iometer QD32 4KB Random Chart

Iometer – High Queue Depth 512B Random IOPs:

Iometer QD32 512b Random Chart

Benchmark Results: There’s a marked improvement over the scores from the previous generation Vertex 3 except in the lower queue depth reads but not off all that much.

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