OCZ PC2 9200 2GB Reaper HPC Edition Memory Review

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Every enthusiast wants to know how much extra they are getting for their money when buying a new DDR kit.  You pay for the rated speeds, and expect to get those, but for the enthusiast, it is all about getting something for nothing.  And that is where overclocking comes in!  How much do we get out of this kit?  We kept our settings at 5-5-5-18 and pushed as much voltage as we had available through out dimms, and this is what we got…

Yup!  Not to shabby to be running DDR1204 with a $275 kit of ram.  This stuff was rock solid at this speed, and if you are runing a board that allows you to unlink the ram and the processor (can you say Nvidia board?) then running your CPU at 3.6ghz and this kit of DDR2 mem at 1206 would be an awesome combination!

Let’s wrap her up!

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