OCZ gets DDR2-667 out of its box

TWO BITS FROM OCZ today, one old and one new. The new is its PC2-5400 DDR2 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum line, and like the rest of the enhanced bandwith parts, it promises lower latency. With Via being the first to have “official” DDR2-667 support out of the box with the 880/894 northbridges, this could not be more timely. The PC2-5400 EBPL is rated at 667MHz with 4-2-2-8 timings.

The other bit of news from OCZ is a bit older, it announced Zero-Buffer DDR memory last October. The actual functionality was a bit puzzling to me, and the press release was a little light on technical details. The ‘what’ part was obvious, it clocks higher, the ‘how’ side was a little less clear.”


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