NZXT Rogue Crafted Series SFF Gaming Chassis

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

NZXT Rogue

I’m not quite sure what to think of the Rogue. It’s not quite a traditional SFF case, not really a traditional tower case either; it is, however, unique. With the aid of plastic or even 100% aluminum construction I think the case could have been a whole lot lighter. The steel frame makes it durable, and durable is good for those going to LAN parties. The Rogue can be found for $149 plus shipping and tax.

At this price point the Rogue is almost twice the price of an X-Qpack or even the popular Themaltake Lanbox. The features of the Rogue, though, may be enough to justify the extra money. The Rogue and the Lanbox are very similar in size and features, but the Rogue is easier to install parts into, has better airflow, and can even accommodate a large tower cooler.

If the silver with blue LED lights is not your style, the Rogue is also available in black with red or blue LED lights.

One draw back to the Rogue is its weight. For as small as the case is it has some heft to it, so it’s nice that NZXT provides the carry strap.

Legit Bottom Line: The Rogue from NZXT is a well built case. If you’re looking for a smallish cube case that can handle large video cards and a tower cooler, then the Rogue should be on the top of your short list.

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