NZXT Hades Black PC Gaming Case Review

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NZXT Hades

The NZXT Hades is a great mainstream case with room for any video card on up to ATI’s 5970, plenty of massive high-CFM case fans, a nice simple look and high end features including three thermal sensors and screwless drive bays. This is all for $99.99 shipped.

The problem with cable excess is only relevant if you use a PSU with a lot of cables and is not modular. There are only a few units which fit that bill, and some creativity can eliminate it anyway. The SATA cable routing is only a problem if you route two cables on top of each other, and I could have easily used other ports and had more room. Even the problem with the top 140mm fan is simply a pet peeve of mine as I will be swapping out components frequently and AM3 mounting is a pain to begin with. In reality, 90% of end users would not find a single thing wrong with the case or the included bundle and be ecstatic they got this awesome case for under $100.

And back to the lack of an external 3.5″ drive bay, I grabbed the extra bay cover from where my optical drive is now, took out the foam dust filter and came up with this solution:

Card Reader Mod

So a Drill, Jigsaw, File, Spray paint, and 30min later, we have a nice little 3.5″ external mod, though the only way for the front of the card reader to line up with everything else is to redrill holes in the hard drive brackets which I do not really want to do as it is close enough for me now (or I could drill new holes in the 5.25″ bay). What’s more, you have a little boost to your pride in your system by doing it yourself; no complaints here.

Off the top of my head I very much doubt I could list every feature this case possesses. The main ones that come to mind are: air flow with all the huge fans that NZXT provides for you, the option to use any graphics card made to date from budget on up through enthusiast, the dual SSD bracket, cable routing, the triple display with thermal sensors and a power button you do not always press by accident because of its positioning. I’ll stop right there because I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally turned off or initiated shutdown unintentionally on my other cases. I certainly have no reason not to suggest to anyone to pick up the Hades case as we have seen it priced at just $69.99 after rebate in the past.

Legit Bottom Line: The NZXT Hades is a great looking case with top-tier features and expandability for under $100, so this should be a case any user should strongly consider purchasing if looking for a mid tower.

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