NZXT Announces Kraken G10 Liquid Cooled GPU Mounting Kit

Increase GPU cooling performance by 40% with the new Kraken G10*


With rapid developments in the world of all-in-one liquid cooling, CPU cooling has become simple, cost-effective and most importantly, powerful. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for aftermarket GPU cooling. At least not until now.

The Kraken G10 is designed to finally bring high performance, cost-effective cooling to the GPU by incorporating existing all-in-one liquid cooling technology to a majority of modern video cards, regardless of chipset or manufacturer.

Made entirely of steel, the Kraken G10 bracket allows users to mount NZXT Kraken coolers as well as non-NZXT brand liquid coolers to their GPU with ease. (See compatibility list for compatible coolers) Included with the bracket is a 92mm fan used to cool the VRM and other video card components.

Combined with the high performance abilities of the Kraken cooler, the Kraken G10 offers over 40% cooling increases over stock coolers*, a level of performance that is traditionally only achievable with a costly custom liquid cooled setup. Combined with Nvidia’s GPU Boost 2.0 or AMD’s PowerTune, Kraken G10 equipped video cards can perform cooler and faster than ever.

The Kraken G10 also includes zip-tie points to hide tubing behind its slick exterior, ensuring your video card looks just as amazing as it performs. Available now for just $29.99, the Kraken G10 comes in black, white or red and can be purchased directly from the NZXT armory store.

*Internal testing performed using a Kraken X40 cooler and Nvidia GTX-780 reference cooler (cooling performance will vary depending on cooler and video card).

  • Thomas Lowe

    Gimmick and pointless… If the block doesn’t cover the VRMs then whats the point. I have tried universal blocks that don’t cover the VRMs and I ended up putting the stock cooler back on because of them heating up. I eventuality went full H20. Keep your air cooler on and your money in your pocket or spend a little more and get a “real” water cooling setup. Trust me been on both sides of the fence.

  • Mike B

    meh, if you are going to liquid cool, you should still build your own system using a water block that covers the VRM as well. Pricey sure but far better than a fan and if the fan worked well in the first place, why water cool at all?

    • Jason Chapman

      the fan is only part of this product..

    • EvilToaster0ven

      A water block that covers the VRM typically requires a graphics card with a stock PCB. Then, that water block is good for that card only. So future upgrades require new blocks, the entire water loop must be emptied or re-directed to install the new block, and it can become quite costly.

      This G10 fills a niche for enthusiasts looking to maximize the performance of their components, while staying on a tighter budget, or allowing those of us with non-stock PCBs to invest in a re-usable liquid cooling solution.

      No one is going to challenge the superiority of a custom loop containing multiple radiators and high-quality fans. If that’s your preference, have at it! Personally, I’ll invest the $30 for a G10, the $50-90 for a quality AIO-liquid-cooler with a 3-5 year warranty, and the peace-of-mind of knowing that when I turn my rig on, I won’t have to worry about a loose fitting dripping water on my components.

      My current rig:
      i7-3770k (Kraken x60 CPU cooler with Push/Pull Akasa Vipers) – Asus Maximus V Extreme – Seasonic X-1250 PSU – 3x Galaxy GTX 670 GC 4GB GPU in 3-way-SLI (2 using Sigma_Cool AIO-liquid-cooler mounts with an H90 and a Kuhler 620 both push/pull with Vipers, and one using stock air cooling… for now) – Samsung Evo 500GB SSD – Crucial M4 256GB SSD – 1TB WD Black HDD – Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case – Assorted odds and ends

      I’ve invested a lot of time and money into my rig, so the peace-of-mind of closed-loop coolers is important to me. But again, to each their own.