NVIDIA Turing GPUs Might Not Be Launching At GDC or GTC This Month

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) and NVIDIA’s Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) are both taking place this month. There were rumors that NVIDIA might be launching the successor to the Pascal GPU for the mainstream market, but those rumors are being toned back. Tom’s Hardware went as far as saying that anyone waiting for big NVIDIA news at either show will likely be disappointed and even claimed that NVIDIA Turing Graphics Architecture was delayed.¬†Turing is expected to be the next GPU for gamers as Volta-based GPUs remained focused at the data center and content creators. Tom’s Hardware cited sources with knowledge of the situation informed them that the mass production of Turing cards will not start until mid-June 2018 with the launch of Add-In-Board (AIB) partner cards in July 2018 or possibly August. A launch at Gamescom in August 2018 might be ideal, but who knows if it would work with NVIDIA’s timeline.

That is interesting news and should be of interest to gamers and cryptocurrency miners waiting for new cards to be released. The cryptocurrency classic bubble has not blown up like many expected, so it will be interesting to see how this launch is handled. Right now graphics cards are being sold nearly as fast as they are made, so hopefully NVIDIA purchased more FAB time and will be producing more wafers to increase the number of GPUs that can be sold to partners. That would make gamers and miners some really happy folks.

We’ll more than likely find out some news at NVIDIA GTX 2018 in just a few weeks. It will be also fun to see what NVIDIA has to say about¬†Ampere, rumored as being the successor to Volta, at GTC.

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