NVIDIA Ion – Intel Atom Done Right?

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Browser Benchmarking

Futuremark Corporation recently unveiled Peacekeeper, a free online benchmarking tool for measuring and comparing the performance of common internet browsers. Futuremark claims that the benchmark realistically simulates the load placed on the browser by common JavaScript functions as used by popular, modern web 2.0 websites. For users who prioritize speed and performance, Peacekeeper helps answer the question of which browser is best for them. 

The 11 Browsers Benchmarked:

Futuremark Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark Test Results

Using a resolution of 1920×1200 and no other applications open, we fired up the brand new Peacemaker benchmark to see how all the browsers would do on the Ion reference platform. If you’d like more details on what exactly the Peacemaker benchmark is testing be sure to check out the FAQ and try out the benchmark as it is free! Trying out the benchmark on your current system and then looking at this chart will give you an idea of the speed of the Ion reference platform.

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