NVIDIA GTC Opening Keynote Livestream Now Open

The opening keynote GPU Technology Conference with Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder kicks off this morning at 9am (PT). The keynote is expected to last about two hours and Jen-Hsun will talk about what’s next in visual computing, and preview disruptive technologies and exciting demonstrations across industries. NVIDIA will be hosting a live stream of the keynotes each day and you can watch it on the Ustream platform here or on the Twitch platform here. We also have a stream embedded below.

What will NVIDIA be announcing? Will we see high-end Maxwell, Denver or Shield 2.0 updates?

  • basroil

    Volta becomes Pascal, and gets some awesome new features… If they can keep that formfactor we might finally see the death of ATX motherboards

    • Nathan Kirsch

      incorrect… Volta has been pushed down the roadmap. Volta will be the architecture after Pascal.

      • basroil

        Stacked DRAM and “3d memory” are pretty much the same tech, so the only real thing to differentiate Volta is gone. Interestingly they also dropped mention of Maxwell’s unified virtual memory and instead have pascal with unified memory (but don’t specify much more on how, other than nvlink will be needed).

        Perhaps they just wanted a cooler name but it’s the same chip?