NVIDIA Geforce GTX 590 Video Card Blows Up on Video – Forceware Drivers Blamed

We got an e-mail from a reader that a GeForce GTX 590 BYHD (Burn Your House Down) Edition was released by SweClockers, so we did a little searching and found out what they were talking about. It appears that some of the first NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 video cards to ship come with Forceware 267.52 drivers and they don’t prevent the card from overheating when overclocked and overvolting. The folks over at SweClockers cranked up the clock frequency and video taped the carnage. We didn’t have this problem with 267.71 drivers we used for testing or the new 267.84 drivers that came out today. It was one year ago to the month that NVIDIA had a fan issue with Forceware 196.75 drivers that killed a number of video cards! Déjà vu!

The supplied Geforce Drivers 267.52 for Geforce GTX 590 will not stop the card from overheating when overclocking. Please use newer versions from the Nvidia website and stay away from 267.52. Otherwise this may happen…


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