NVIDIA Clarifies That Its GPUs aren’t Affected by Meltdown or Spectre

There has been lots of news floating around over the month about some new vulnerabilities that AMD and Intel processors suffer from called Meltdown and Spectre. NVIDIA is one of the other major chip makers and the company wants you to know its chips aren’t affected by these issues. It has issued driver software updates to address the meltdown CPU vulnerability, and some interpreted that as an admission that its hardware was affected.

CEO Jensen Huang clarified this saying, “Our GPUs are immune, they’re not affected by these security issues. What we did is we released driver updates to patch the CPU security vulnerability. We are patching the CPU vulnerability the same way that Amazon, the same way that SAP, the same way that Microsoft, etc are patching, because we have software as well.”

Huang says that anyone running any kind of software on affected machines must patch the software for CPU vulnerabilities. NVIDIA isn’t patching issues in its own hardware.

Huang said, “I am absolutely certain that our GPU is not affected.” NVIDIA updated the security bulletin to be clearer that its products are unaffected by the issue reports Techcrunch.