Nintendo Switch System Menus Leak

The launch of the Nintendo Switch game console is just around the corner. Ahead of that launch a new leak has surfaced giving a glimpse at what you can expect to see when the Switch console is in your hands. All the menus of the game console have leaked and those menus give us an idea what the console will be like to operate.

Nintendo Switch

The images come from a video that was posted from someone alleging to have received Switch hardware early. It could be fake, but the images from the video seem legit enough. One tidbit gleaned from the images is that there is 25.9GB of free space on the internal storage from the factory. That means that out of the 32GB of storage the OS takes up 6GB. There is space for a microSD card to expand storage though.

The console has a sleep mode and when in that mode a tap of the home button will open the quick menu that features news feed sidebar and the ability to switch back quickly to the last game or app you were playing. An analog slider appears to be tied to controlling screen brightness. The console has space for eight different console users to register.

Default themes for the Switch are basic black and basic white, the 3DS has downloadable themes so odds are the Switch will as well. The News section of the menu has content listed helping new users learn to operate the console. Undoubtedly as the console gets out there and people learn to use it, other news will be found there as well.