Nintendo Switch Expected to Outsell Wii U by Its first Birthday

The Switch is hot and continues to be so with robust sales putting Nintendo back on the map after its years ago success with the original Wii. The Wii U was the console in the gap between the popular Wii and currently popular Switch, but the Wii U was a failure. No one wanted the Wii U and the console was a sales loser from early on in its life.

The Switch is the opposite of the Wii U, whereas the Wii U was boring and easy to find, the Switch is popular and remains difficult to get your hands on. Nintendo has announced that it expects the Switch will sell more units in a year than the Wii U managed to move in its entire lifetime reports Engadget.

Nintendo has upped its financial forecast for the full year from $6.59 billion to $8.44 billion. It plans to sell 14 million Switch consoles by its first birthday, up from the 10 million consoles it planned to sell previously. The Wii U sold a scant 13.56 million consoles over the entire five-year life. The big focus right now is building enough of the consoles to meet demand.

Weak supply has left many who want a Switch unable to find one. Nintendo has boosted production of the console, which is something that will be a requirement to hit the 14 million units sold the first year the Switch is available that Nintendo has predicted. Nintendo is also doing well with software having moved 22 million games in the last six months.