Nintendo Faces Suit Over Switch Alleging Patent Infringement

Nintendo is facing a lawsuit with the popular Switch game console at the center of the suit. The suit was brought against Nintendo by Gamevice, an accessory maker that claims Nintendo violated patents it holds for a product it worked on called the Wikipad. The Wikipad was an Android device aimed at gamers that had add-on controllers that attached to its sides much like the Switch.

Gamevice claims that Nintendo’s console is too close to the hardware design it holds a patent on. The design that Gamevice developed had a detachable game controller with a “flexible bridge section.” Engadget reports that the Wikipad first surfaced in 2012 and promised glasses-free 3D content and game streaming.

The device was delayed and eventually given up on. Wikipad moved on to making accessories for phones and tablets. The Switch has some major differences from that Wikipad, namely the ability for the Switch to be a portable or a home console.

Wikipad is seeking damages for patent infringement in the suit and an injunction on the import of Switch consoles. No official comments have been made on the suit by Nintendo or Wikipad. The suit was filed in the Central District of California.