Nintendo Direct Sheds Light On Upcoming Smash Bros.

Yesterday, Nintendo lifted the curtain on some exciting new elements of the current-gen revision of one of their hottest titles; no doubt hoping to bolster the struggling WiiU. Game Director Masahiro Sakurai walks through the latest Direct which you can see in it’s entirety here.¬†Though no specific launch date is set, Sakurai does inform that the 3DS version will be launching first some time this summer, followed by a winter launch (presumably before the holiday season).

Super Smash Bros.

Masahiro delves first into some details of the 3DS version:

  • The entire roster from the console version will also be made available on the 3DS.
  • The engine is built as efficiently as possible to render players at 60fps to provide a smooth fighting experience for the flagship fighting title.
  • There will be some sort of system link elements between the two systems, though no specifics were mentioned.
  • Smash Run is a new game mode exclusively on the 3DS
  • Multiple copies of the game will be required for local multiplayer — no shared play

The console version comes with a slew of new elements too:

  • Online multiplayer in similar fashion to Brawl’s, but now with a ranked mode called “For Glory” (vs. “For Fun” for unranked matches)
  • Customizable move-sets where players will be able to change their attacks (only available in local multiplayer and unranked online)
  • No more character changes mid-match. Sheik and Zero Suit Samus are now independent characters from Zelda and Samus, respectively.
  • ¬†Conditional damage output from certain characters based on damage dealt/received and location on the level.

It’s shaping up to look like a polished release where Nintendo has clearly taken some tips from the fans and seemingly also some elements from community-made mod Project M. Perhaps with the recently flourishing growth of e-sports in mind, Nintendo seems to be putting stock into the clearly growing interest in a balanced and competitive game.