Nintendo Announces The 2DS Handheld Console


The internet is ablaze with confusion and frustration since an announcement made my Nintendo to launch a new handheld console. To put the new device into perspective, imagine your normal 3DS, but with no 3D, and no folding.  Or you could think of a Gameboy Advance (The original), with two screens that plays 3DS games.  This decision from Nintendo has the whole gaming crowd scratching their heads “Why?”.

Let’s look into it a bit deeper. The 2DS is fully compatible with all 3DS and DS games but does not include the ability to display games in 3D. It still features all the functionality of 3DS (WiFi, local multiplayer etc.). The 2DS loses the 3D depth slider, WIFI switch (now a software toggle), and ditches the clam shell design completely. Also contains Parental controls that let adults manage the system’s content.

Nintendo claims that their goal with this console is to get more Nintendo games in the hands of more players. Their target would be anyone who wasn’t allowed to play with the 3DS, namely they are looking at users under the age of 7. I have kids in my family ranging from four years old up to 10 years old who share 2 standard Nintendo DSs between them. Those poor consoles managed to last a few months before the kids snapped the top screen off the hinges. The adults who buy the games often ruin the kids hope by accidentally buying 3DS games that a normal DS does not support.

With that said, I can see the 2DS’s potential with its lower price point in North America for $129.99, solid frame, and less techno stuff for kids to break. More game selection and overall less fuss means a solid option for the adult who wants to “keep the kids quiet”. Look for it’s launch on October 12th, 2013.