Newegg Jumps On The Bitcoin Bandwagon

Online tech retail giant, Newegg, now accepts Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin will now be an option in the regular list of payment methods. Newegg features an introductory page including a helpful video from weusecoins.


Newegg’s not the first tech retailer to accept Bitcoin. TigerDirect got in on the game earlier this year and even went as far as suggesting AMD GPUs and Butterfly Labs dedicated ASIC miners. In the UK, SCAN also started accepting the cryptocurrency. And this is just in the tech world, the list goes on and on.

Every time a new outlet starts accepting Bitcoins, a miner gains their wings. But isn’t corporate adoption of Bitcoin sort of counter-intuitive to the decentralization and anonymity of it all? We know that these retailers are just turning around and slinging the crypto-currencies back through a reseller, and it’s not exactly an anonymous purchase if your address and contact information are required for your purchase. With each passing day, Bitcoin seems to be splitting apart at the seams from what it was originally intended to be.