New $1099 iMac Now Available For Purchase

Apple has released a new $1099 iMac, giving the line a new lower barrier of entry. Before this model, consumers had to start at configuration at $1299.

21.5" iMac 2014


The $200 price drop comes in the wake of a drop in several specs:

iMac Model Comparison

Firstly and foremost, the processor has been reduced from a true quad-core to a 1.4GHz (2.7 Turbo Boost) hyperthreaded dual-core i5 (possibly the 4260U). It’s quite a drop, for a work station, but still a very capable processor for a daily driver. The swap in CPU also results in a step down for the integrated graphics from the Iris Pro in the $1299 model to Intel’s HD 5000. Other noticeable changes are the 500GB cut in storage, which can be upgraded, and a non-upgradable 8GB of RAM. Overall, it’s an excellent deal for 1440p all-in-one build. Hopefully, with the iMac’s stepping down in price, we’ll get to see a Haswell or Broadwell refresh of the Mac mini series, which hasn’t been refreshed since 2012.

  • bilbo baggins

    Its too bad motorola got out of the cpu race, because these intel cpu’s are crap. My amiga 4000 with a motorola 060 processor running at 40 MHZ can run a macintosh emulator, an atari st emulator, and a pc emulator all at the same time while multitasking in each.

  • No

    Haha, $1200 for a POS dual core. And these smug fucks will still walk around like they’ve got something special.

  • kgh00007

    Just goes to show the power of the i5 4250U in the nuc! This chip has just a 100MHz boost over the i5 haswell nuc and it’s plenty powerful for a daily driver. I wonder what TDP they will set for that chip in the iMac?

    • basroil

      officially it should be 15W, though if they pumped it up to 20-25W with firmware “overclocking”, they could probably get rid of the issue that crops up in open CL applications (CPU slows down when GPU is used, or vice versa)