NanoTech Unveils 4K Streaming Media Player at CES

NanoTech Entertainment Announces Show Demos for Nuvola NP-1 Consumer 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

Demos at 2014 Storage Visions and CES Will Feature Nuvola NP-1 Streaming Demonstrations of Muse Concert and Moving Murals Native 4K Content

NanoTech np1 4K Streamer

Las Vegas, NV -January 5, 2014 – NanoTech Entertainment (OTCPINK: NTEK), announced today that will be demonstrating the Nuvola NP-1(tm), the world’s first streaming media player that supports 4K Ultra HD movies and videos.  Demonstrations will include NanoTech’s upcoming UltraFlix(tm) 4K Ultra HD streaming video service (another industry first) at two major trade shows held in Las Vegas.

The demonstrations, which will show a complete, end-to-end 4K Ultra HD solution using products that are shipping, will be shown at Storage Visions, January 5-6 at the Riviera Convention Center; and at CES, January 7-10 in the South Hall, Booth #21912. Attendees who visit the NanoTech booths at these shows are in for a treat as native content from a recent Muse Concert and Unique Environmental Videos from Moving Murals will be streamed through the Nuvola NP-1 4K Ultra HD streaming media player delivering a vibrant picture and an immersive viewing experience that is four-times sharper than full HD.

Unlike other 4K players on the market, the Nuvola 4k streaming media player will work with any brand, any resolution of television and isn’t limited to just playing downloaded 4K content-it streams content.

Although two to four times less expensive than similar players, the Nuvola offers a much greater set of features. Powered by a NVIDIA(r) Tegra(r) 4 Quad Core Mobile Processor, the Nuvola NP-1 is a multifunction device that can be used to decode 4K Ultra HD, HD, SD and 3D movies in addition to playing state-of-the art 3D Video games. It can also stream content from a variety of sources, including the bundled UltraFlix(tm) UHD channel, which serves 4K content for streaming; and other services such as Netflix, Hula Plus, XBMC, Amazon Instant and YouTube.

The Nuvola NP-1 is available for new customers in January 2014 for $299. Measuring just 4 inches by 4 inches, the multifunction set- top box comes with an ergonomically designed second-generation Bluetooth remote as well as over fifteen video, audio, social media and communications applications and five games pre-installed. Access to ten Streaming Movies is also provided free of charge on the UltraFlix UHD Network. Upgradeable and expandable, the Nuvola NP-1 features a variety of industry standard ports for MicroSD & USB connections that enable users to install a variety of accessories, options and storage attachments.

NanoTech also offers the commercial grade Nuvola NP-H1(tm) 4K Ultra HD media streaming player, which is available now for $699.

4K Studios is a subsidiary of NanoTech focused on the conversion of traditional media to 4K Ultra HD as well as the creation of original content.  Headquartered in San Francisco with additional facilities in West Hollywood, 4K Studios uses proprietary processes for the creation of original content shot and mastered in 4K Ultra HD as well as the conversion of existing media into 4K digital content with a quality that cannot be matched by Full HD or 2K.

About NanoTech Entertainment
Headquartered in San Jose, CA NanoTech Entertainment is a technology company that focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry. With five technology business units, focusing on 3D, Gaming, Media & IPTV, Mobile Apps, and Manufacturing, the company has a unique business model. The company has a diverse portfolio of products and technology. NanoTech Gaming Labs operates as a virtual manufacturer, developing its technology and games, and licensing them to third parties for manufacturing and distribution in order to keep its overhead extremely low and operations efficient in the new global manufacturing economy. NanoTech Media develops proprietary technology which it licenses to publishers for use in their products as well as creating and publishing unique content. NanoTech Media Technology includes the world’s first 4K Ultra HD streaming solution. NanoTech Communications develops and sells proprietary apps and technology in the Mobile and Consumer space. Clear Memories i!
 s the global leader in 3D ice carving and manufacturing technology. 4K Studios creates digital 4K Ultra HD content using both licensed materials as well as original productions. NanoTech is redefining the role of developers and manufacturers in the global market. More information about NanoTech Entertainment and its products can be found on the web at

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