MSI Ti4200-TD8X64

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We were not expecting this card to be a huge overclocker, but we got results worth talking about! Our 3.6ns Hynix memory was able to run all the way up 630mhz with some fragments, but it still could complete all benchmarks. The fragments did cause the scores to lower and therefore we found 620mhz was a nice happy place for the memory to run at. This is a 107mhz overclock on the memory which is well over what the 3.6ns ram is rated at.

As for the core, it comes default at 250mhz and we were able to run it up to 295mhz before the scores once again began to lower due to fragments occuring during benchmarks. Again, this is a very nice overclock and the highest overclock on the core of a Ti-4200 that we have seen to date on our test rig.

To sum up our overclocking section, the card runs 45mhz faster on the core and almost 120mhz faster on the memory than the default Nvidia Ti 4200 spec sheet shows on a 64mb card. This is very impressive from a card that has not been heavily marketed to the overclocking crowd.


This card currently runs around US $170 on the internet and comes with the best software bundle, quietest fan, and great overclocking abilities. MSI has put together a very attractive package with this card and I think it has been overlooked by many, due to the marketing blitzkrieg by other companies when the first 8x cards came onto the market.

If you are one of the thousands of consumers that plans on picking up a Ti-4200 when the Nvidia FX starts hitting the market, add this one to the top of your list of choices. This card is pretty silent in operation, comes with the best software bundle I have seen with a video card, and it performs with the big name overclocking companies. Based on these facts we consider this card a good buy for both the average user and the true enthusiast . Kudos from us to MSI for creating a package that left us with a new understanding of a what a great Ti-4200 product is.


  • Performance
  • Good Price Point
  • Huge Software Bundle
  • Cost Effective High Performance
  • Does Not Use a PCI slot
  • Almost "Silent" For a Ti series Card
  • Red PCB


  • No RCA Video Cable


  • Could Benefit From More Thermal Compound
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