MSI GeForce N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 Overclocked Video Card Review

The GTX 460 is on a fast track to becoming one of the most popular graphics cards ever sold with the 1GB versions being just as fast and at a lower price than the GTX 465. The GeForce GTX 460 is priced well, packs a ton of power and runs unopposed at its price (which was held by the Radeon HD 5770 for some time). The MSI Cyclone variation is no exception at a solid factory overclock, a custom heatsink and plenty of overclocking headroom on top. Read on to see how well this GTX 460 1GB compares to the rest of the pack!

MSI GeForce N460GTX Cyclone

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card has proven itself to be one of the best bang for your buck video cards this summer and we have yet another one for you to take a closer look at. The GTX460 that we are looking at today is the MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 video card. This video card comes from the factory overclocked for an extra performance boost and also features MSI’s much improved Cyclone GPU cooler. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 was designed by NVIDIA to run at 675MHz on the core, but MSI put a rather nice 50MHz overclock on this card as it was delivered to us with the 336 CUDA cores inside the GF100 ‘Fermi’ core running at 725MHz. That puts the card right in the middle of the ASUS ENGTX460 Top as it came factory overclocked at 700MHz and the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SuperClocked that came in at a rocking 763MHz on the core.


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