Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 29 Web Browser

While currently the Firefox download page is still handing out the stub installer for 28, if users should open the Help>About menu, they will promptly be updated to the new version. The most notable feature is the sleek new frosted glass look with its rounded tabs.

Firefox 29


Follow the typical Firefox release walk-through and you’ll get a glimpse of the new look for the browsers new menu design.

Firefox Utility Menu


The browser now also gives users the option to customize the menu tray. Remove all your entries for a cleaner experience or add everything for maximum efficiency! I was a bit disappointed though to see that only Firefox’s preloaded shortcuts are listed in my options and none of my favorite add-ons were dockable in the new menu. There’s a few things I’d rather tuck away for my sparing usage than having to suffer their flashy notifications. But this is a brand new release, hopefully that addition will come later.

Firefox Customization


Mozilla’s also dumped the old FF Sync and released a newer, cleaner, and easier reissue. Unfortunately, fans of the old Sync will either have to prevent their browser from updating, or bite the bullet and make the switch. The new Sync is incapable of transferring information from the newer version on a select platform to an older version on another. Or, if you’re an absolute die-hard for it, you may host your own Sync 1.5 Server.

This version of Firefox also launches with a natively enabled gamepad API. While previous versions had the capability hidden away in the browsers about:config settings, and also enabled by default on nightly builds, this is the first official release to have the API implemented out of the box. Firefox is hoping to bolster web-based gaming, and with what we’ve seen from Unreal Engine 4’s proficiency in browser, it seems like quite a timely move.

  • istar

    I did a scathing poor one star review for Classic Theme Restorer on Mozilla’s add ons site. The developer of the addon lashed out at me telling me it wasn’t a valid review because Mozilla was the one that made Firefox 29 the way it was. The fact that one even needs to use Classic Theme restorer to restore some sane functionality to Firefox is why I posted the review. The addon BREAKS any other custom theme. There was nothing inappropriate in the review, but yet MOZILLA removed the review from the add on reviews page for the add on. UNACCEPTABLE. They are trying to quell all the HUGE dissatisfaction with their disastrously-poor release of FF29. Censoring is communistic and unacceptabl

  • Vibradiant

    This sucks. Just tried to tweak my menu bars, and there is no way to do it. Why did Firefox try to fix what wasn’t broken, and now is broken and less functional as a result? This is so very disappointing. I used to recommend it to everyone, and now I’d be embarrassed to do so.


  • wildstylechef

    TRIED 29 had it tweaked to how I loved it in vs 28 , which is a BIG
    warning when you load new software and spend a large amount of time
    adjusting the software to act and function like you had it before.
    Biggest hassle is being unable to easily turn the navigation toolbar on
    and off but as I use “tile tabs” ans “session mngr” running 60+ tabs
    over 3-6 windows the vs 29 turned out to be an absolute pig in RAM
    memory hitting new record usage in record time and nothing I did would
    change it. Also VS 29 messes with the firefox files so trying to reload
    with an older vs is not possible so U had to scrub and reload from FEBE
    backup ( most excellent backup app) VS 29 also screwed with my java
    charts. So as a high load user its a makeup on a pig.


    Firefox seems to be much innovative with itโ€™s Mozilla-esque look that includes over-sized back button, a separate search box, and default menu options with a revamped design.

    Read More At: A new Revamped & Updated | Mozilla Firefox 29

  • Craig

    Downloaded and been using all day. Very, very nice. Beautiful and faster. Seems much improved.

  • Strani

    I do like the screenshots I’ve seen. I’ll wait a bit to actually get it as I don’t want to lose my current add-ons, even if temporarily. I use Chrome as well (and I’ve been using to keep my bookmarks sorted on both browsers) but might permanently move to Firefox now.

    • Ben Young

      If you sign into Chrome on your devices, it actually has the same bookmark syncing capability.

  • ttt ttt

    this just made my day.. thanks mozilla community.. my chrome will be removed.. i liked chrome but i hated chrome to monitor my location history..

  • Martin

    Was a bit sceptic about the new design, but have tried the beta for a week now and must say I’m getting used to it and must say it’s an improvment, sleek and smart.

    Great work Mozilla!

    • Shizuppy

      I tried it and it blows. Harder to use in pretty much every way. The tabs fading into the background was the worst. I need to see all of them clearly at all times, not just one main tab and a bunch blurred together in the background. Plus, I couldn’t fit as many on the screen.

      So now I use Classic Theme Restorer to give me my customizability back. And Status-4-Evar to give me my status bar back.

  • TonyWestover

    So… this is basically Chrome.

    • Ray

      Chrome wishes. Firefox is the best overall browser between the “big” ones and even more now than before.

      • TonyWestover

        It’s an extremely blatant ripoff of the UI.

        • Ray

          Whether it is or not, doesn’t matter and no one should care. It’s about quality and firefox is king when it comes to.that.

        • TonyWestover

          Yeah, you should care. It’s indicative of an unimaginative team.

          And I don’t think you’ve been following usage trends. Firefox is not “king”, hardly. I see use it out of habit, but Mozilla has gone down the tubes. Won’t take me much to push me to another browser.

    • Ben Young

      No! …well, maybe. But its Open Source and working to make a better web, whereas Chrome is working to give you better advertisements.

      • TheFacts

        The “Open Menu” looks almost exactly like the chrome drop down menu. Just saying.

        • Ben Young

          I completely agree, and did find that a bit odd. However, as far as tab shapes are concerned, there’s quite a few newer pieces of software that use it. In the text editor world alone, Brackets,, and Sublime all use the same rounded trapezoid.

        • TonyWestover

          Almost? You’re too generous ๐Ÿ™‚

        • TheFacts

          I know, right?

          I also just noticed Youtube has the same shape. No original ideas anymore?

    • titung

      is it better that is looks like chrome and give u features of firefox???

      • TonyWestover

        You mean it has the looks of Chrome and the memory usage of Firefox?

        The worst of both worlds, awesome!

        • Shizuppy

          LOL good point

  • EzioAs

    So the Australis design really did make it through…..I miss the orange menu button already.

    Seems like there’s a bit of a response lag when opening a new tab, that didn’t happened before.

    • Ray

      No lag for me.

      I don’t miss the orange Firefox menu button, though.

    • basroil

      Even worse was earlier in the beta cycle australis had flickering issues where ever element in a page would turn black for a fraction of a second when highlighted. Even lead to driver crashes, which means australis was (and likely still is) screwing with their openGL acceleration.